questionswhat is the political persuasion of the averageā€¦


most woot members just want to have a good day, and find some good deals. we prefer not to get in the fights that talking politics and religions and such start.


@moosezilla: Not trying to start any political fights. I was just curious. Sometimes I come across free Libertarian bumper stickers. Sometimes, has free Obama bumper stickers. Just wanted to get a feel for the attitude here.


@keckfitty1: I'd listen to @moosezilla. I'd probably skip the stickers if I saw them. You'll get blasted by the other side pretty quick. It's your call though if you love stirring the political pot go for it.


P.S. Ron Paul for President!!


@jumbowoot: If we all write in Jumbowoot this year for pres, wouldn't that mean you'd have to leave deals.woot?


@moosezilla: I disagree. We had a question on here 2 months ago asking about our religious beliefs and the conversation stayed quite peaceful. I'm actually quite surprised that this question has been downvoted so much as the religion question got no downvotes whatsoever. You can check it out here if you like.


I think this is one of those questions where I won't even bother to write an answer before I say screw it...


can I be secretary of deals?


@thunderthighs for secretary of finance (she already takes most of my money)

@wootbot for secretary of defense (he keeps throwing up bombs(bad deals) without regard for what happens)

can we get the whole woot team elected and have a set of "politicians" we can all be happy to throw our money at?


Another Libertarian here. I have been since I registered to vote on my 18th birthday.

Though I refuse to vote along party lines just because of the letter behind a politician's name, the party's ideals follow mine almost to a T.


@figgers3036: With a name like figgers I would consider you for secretary of the treasury.


@jumbowoot: Done. I consider myself highly trustworthy with nigh unlimited amounts of money.

Now, where'd that student debt I have run off to...?


@jumbowoot: Since no one else has asked...can I be Vice-President?