questionsdid you go to walmart at midnight for blackā€¦


I went for a XBOX games and came home with a few DVDs and some PJs for my daughter.


Are you insane? :-) I won't even go there at 12 noon!


I went by just because I wanted a few dvds however i found out that Walmart is started at 10pm at least the one here did. Which is retarded IMO but whatever. I decided to just bite the bullet for long shipping times and buy online for same price. (one was even cheaper)


4 seasons of Stargate Atlantis for $10 each and The Simpsons Movie for $1.96 (neither were in the sale flier).


One of my room mates works at WalMart... Black Friday Deals started at 10PM out here, and his shift ended at 9. He spent 45 minutes trying to escape the parking lot.

I mean what do I need from Wally World that they're going to have on sale, that I can't get any other day?


I went to the 10:00 pm sale and got:
Xbox 360 x/Kinect for $199 and a $50 gift card
Shark steam mop for $38
Shop-Vac for $19
600 Thread count sheet sets for $20
Several Blu-rays and video games


Police presence is needed there on a normal day I do not want to know what Walmart would have been like this morning. Its amazing you go from a nice mid level and upscale shopping area and then you go to Walmart and it is instantly the ghetto and you have to look over your shoulder as you walk thru....even tho it is located in the middle of the shopping area and no other store has even close to the same clientele (including Target 1 block away). No sale is worth going near Walmart.


I went strictly for toys and came out with exactly what I went in for. I did not witness this, but I talked to people who saw a fight over sheets and a full blown fist fight over video games. And I live in a generally civil location!