questionswill you accept my apology?


I don't even know how to set those settings. I just check back. Can you share how since you have recently rediscovered them? Thanks.

I was not "ignored" by you so no worries here.
You did a great job bringing chat back into play. Thanks.


@ceagee: If I may, I will intercede here. In the upper right below your cart there is a "your account" link. Click on it, sign in again (if necessary) and scroll down to the "email preferences" part. Click the "edit" link, then check the things you want to receive such as mentions, newsletters etc. Done!


@ceagee: and of course if you want to receive all emails for a particular thread, make sure the box is checked at the bottom of the window you write your comment in.


@thepenrod: Just curious, assuming that you are now getting notifications, are they all coming in at once? Because I hadn't used one of my tablets for a while, and when I turned wifi on I got 2 months worth of woot off notifications from woot stalker. It sounded like I won big on the slot machines.


@pickypickypicky: No. I'm only talking about the emails woot sends when somebody mentions your name. They don't store those.


@jsimsace: Thanks. Done !
@theopenrod : for some reason I always seem to overlook that box.
Thanks for the reminder !


@thepenrod @ceagee Don't forget that you can also follow a discussion by clicking the "Subscribe" link at the top of the original post. I hadn't done that in a while, and when I recently wanted to follow a discussion I hadn't contributed to, it took me a bit to find where the link was "hiding." (I'm notorious for not seeing things in plain sight.)


@pickypickypicky: Yeah, that's probably my bad, I don't have a timeout set on the push notifications. Looking to fix that in a future update.


@thepenrod: Do you have it turned on now? Apology not accepted. Do you know how many nights I stayed up crying because of your inconsideration for important issues and wise-ass comments?


@capguncowboy: Yes, yes I do. I guess you can't win them all (as evidenced by the three downvotes on this question.)

I didn't think I seriously offended anybody, but a continual lack of reply it's kind of a jerk thing to do.


@lichme: I deliberately didn't invoke you on that, because I found it funny. If you want to change it that's up to you, but it didn't bother me at all. But you do owe me all those chips. :-D


nobody ever asks for me ಥ ̯ಥ