questionshow do you work the night shift?


I used to do that. What worked for me was plenty of caffeine. Make sure you have blackout curtains for your bedroom so you can go to sleep in the mornings.


when i worked 3rd shift straight, for about a year and some months, I kept my schedule the same. I slept the same on the weekends as I did during the work week. Many of my coworkers would try to shift their hours back on the weekends and then their butt would drag for the first three work days.

Most of the people I talked to who work swing shift have a set rotation of mornings and nights. They switch their sleep habits by staying up a lot longer the day their sleep hours have to change.


Just depends on what works for you. I spent most of 4 years on mids (11-7 or 12-7 on the first day of the week).

On the last day of my work week I'd get up early (about 12) and shift to "weekend standard time".


I worked nights for 17 years. What works depends on several factors, like your age, how social you want to be on weekdays/weekends, how well you can sleep with some light/noise, how noisy the environment is, etc.

What worked really well for me was staying awake until mid-afternoon. I'd take care of errands in the mornings when shops were empty and sleep until it's time to get ready for work. Once you do that for a couple of weeks it's very easy to stay alert all night without caffeine. On the weekends since I was young I was able to switch around every time and be alert and social during normal-people hours.

I've been on day shift for a few years now but seeing the sun still makes me sleepy. :)


Do what @thefenst says. Room darkening curtains work wonders. Also, if you have others living with you, let them know that they need to be respectful of the fact that you're asleep when they're up, as most people wouldn't give it much thought. Other than that, you could try one of those masks that people wear over their eyes to keep more light out.


@thefenst: Better then darkeners,and cheaper...aluminum foil, pitch black room. When I figured this out I had some of the deepest sleep. I also slept 4.5 hours a night (day) I found my sleep cycle.


You will need black out curtains(I got day/night cellular shades) & if possible turn your ringers off on all phones. The sleeping when you first get home seems to work best for the entire family. You sleep while they are at work/school & they don't have to tip toe around when they get home because you are sleeping. I also used a sleeping pill about 1 or 2 times a week to ensure at least 1 day of solid sleep. I didn't use them regulary, as they are addictive but found it to be necessary about once a week. Night shift isn't for everyone, but it does have alot of advantages. You get a lot accomplished, with the main con being you never seem to get enough sleep. Hope you adjust & learn to make the most of it. Good luck! :-)