questionsanyone involved in scouting? boys or girls


I've been an assistant Scout Master since '93 and a merit badge counselor for Astronomy, Auto Mechanics, Camping, Cycling, and Orienteering. Was an OA chapter adviser for about 6 years and a Vigil member of the OA. I'm not quite as active as in the past but I still enjoy passing on my knowledge and the fun stuff like camping year round.
The pay isn't great but the rewards are.


My husband and I were Cub Scout den leaders. When the kids got to Boy Scouts I was on the committee for at least ten years, my husband went on most of the campouts. Both kids are Eagle Scouts. I think it's a great organization. And it doesn't preclude the kids from being in something else, a sport or music. I love listening to the kids (now adults) reminiscing with my husband over a lot of the things that happened.


My hubby received the title of an eagle scout many years ago and I really think that a part of why he's such a good worker is because of what he did in boy scouts. When my son is older, I plan on him being a boy scout and being actively involved ourselves. My hubby's relationship with his dad really blossomed when they went on the camp outs and hikes and they still talk of their adventures... or misadventures as might be the case.


I'm an eagle scout. I have mixed feelings about the organization, but it did help me with learning how to just grind through things I didn't really want to do and got me started on my way to becoming more confident as a leader.


I was in boy scouts in the 80's and it was a miserable experience. Scout"master" thought he was a drill instructor who thought it was appropriate to cuss at kids. I think that in general it's a very good program, but that depends on finding a troop with a good leader.

my favorite memory is earning my law merit badge, getting to attend a real murder trial, and staging a mock trial.

My daughters are both in girl scouts, one a brownie and one a daisy, and I think it's a great program as well.


I'm an eagle scout. I had a very positive experience with Boy Scouts. I had a very friendly and encouraging scoutmaster, as well as a dad that participated in scouting. For me, I think one of the biggest benefits (besides a good resume point) was that it helped keep me active and off the couch. Even today (several years after aging out of Boy Scouts) I still enjoy hiking and camping when I have the time.


One time my troop went spelunking in a cave. I was a life scout at the time and had went on hundreds of camping trips all throughout my life. I put off packing time the last couple minutes before leaving since I was a "pro" at camping. After the 4 hour drive we arrived at the cave and started to unpack. After gathering my things, I suddenly realized that I didn't pack a sleeping bag. So instead of telling the leaders, who would've made fun of me for the rest of my life, I slept on the hard, cold ground of that cave with water continually dripping on my head for the three nights that we stayed there. It was horrible at night but during the day I did a good job making it look like I had a sleeping bag. And yes, it was totally worth it. No one knew until years later at my Eagle Scout Court of Honor I finally confessed to everyone.


I was a girl scout all through elementary school and enjoyed some of it. But, mostly, I wanted to be a boy scout. Girl scouts seemed to be mostly about playing games and doing crafts and selling cookies. I wanted to go camping and hiking and learn to shoot guns and other cool things that the boy scouts seemed to do.
In high school I was an Explorer for a bit, but that quickly became mostly about touring Ford Motor Company test and assembly plants. Since my Dad worked for Ford, I'd already been to most of the plants and test facilities in the area at various family day events.

I do think that scouting can be a great program, especially when the leaders are good. I'm a bit envious of some of the skills that my guy friends picked up in scouting.


I was asked by my Church to be the Scout Master of our troop for the last 2 years. It was a lot of fun, but a lot of work at the same time.

I enjoyed seeing the growth of the boys as they progressed from timid kids to strong young men of character. I have 2 scouts that will earn their Eagle Scout awards in the next couple months!

I also happen to be an Eagle Scout...although it probably should belong more to my mom for "motivating" me (read: grounding me until it was done)...