questionswhat has your experience been with amazon…


I have no experience with Amazon Warehouse, but have bought from Best Buy Private Auction and Cow Boom with good results on tablets and stereo equipment. I found them a little cheaper than Amazon, but that was a couple of years ago. I never buy anything rated less than a 5.

I am sure Amazon would replace/refund if there was an issue with your purchase like DOA or not being as described. So, I can not see buying from AW as a bad thing provided that it is cheaper than elsewhere.

Good Luck!


I can't speak to tablets, but I did want to share my experience with Amazon Warehouse from a few weeks ago. I ordered a "very good" condition portable telescope for a trip, but when it arrived, the tripod was visibly broken, everything was a mess in the box, the item had fingerprints all over it (on the lenses, one of the telescope exterior, etc.), and pieces were missing (the manual at least, pretty sure other things, but it was hard to tell).

Returning the item was easy, but a total inconvenience and disappointment that the item wasn't even close to its description.

I don't think I'll take a chance again on Amazon Warehouse for a while at least.


Well, I just stared long enough at the available options until an inexpensive "Like New" popped up. Theoretically this should be brand new with a damaged box. I'll provide my experiences once it arrives.

My own experience was with a heavily discounted ($800 new down to $300 "Good condition") Denon soundbar a few years back. It was supposed to have some scuffs and a dent or two; When I received it the box was a mess on the outside. Everything inside, however, appeared to never have been taken out of the wrapping. The only sign of damage was on the underside of the subwolfer, and extremely light scuff that must have been from the factory. I'm hoping for another awesome experience like that.


I bought a first gen kindle fire a while back from Amazon Warehouse and you honestly would not have known it was a refurb.

I don't see what the risk is since returns with them are so easy.


I've purchased at least 3 or 4 things from Amazon Warehouse and each time have been extremely satisfied. Other than repackaging, everything has looked and performed like new. Also agree that they are more than fair regarding returns, so the risk is minimal.


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So I've received the tablet today. The description was "Like new", in original packaging, etc. Some dust/dirt stuff inside the box and on the tablet.

Box was slightly damaged, packing was slightly damaged.
All paperwork was included, plastic overlay on the tablet was still on it. Obviously hadn't been used.
No damage or a sign of imperfection on the tablet, all accessories included. All software registrations still worked.

Snagged for $372 (after overnight shipping) vs the retail of $500.

I have to give Amazon Warehouse a glowing endorsement on this one. I still need to find out if the warranty is in-tact, however.


They are very good I cant complain... awesome with goods and electronics.


I bought a 1st gen psvita from them. Was in 100% perfect condition aside from there being a third party charger included instead of the original.


@lostporcupine - much of the stuff currently sold by Amazon's warehouse is sold as "used" with no warranty other than Amazon's 45-day "satisfaction guaranteed" return policy. Your order record on Amazon should show whether this is true for your purchase. You may be able to purchase a warranty from Square Trade if none is included.


@mommadillo: I bought a Samsung tablet for my son (the kids version). It came in original packaging, which appeared a bit worn. The tablet itself is in perfect condition (appears like new, though advertised as good used condition that had been tested to work properly). It did say that they are not covered by warranty (just Amazon's Satisfaction Guaranteed timeframe), but as you mentioned, Square Trade can be purchased.