questionsdo you and your spouse/s.o. still do silly things?


Yep. Unabashedly. What's the fun of having someone around if you can't goof around with them?


Well, I'm only 23 and my boyfriend just turned 22, but we play pokemon together on our downtime and have used Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS to determine who gets, uh, special treatment? Not sure if this qualifies as silly though. But it is super fun when you're thinking you're getting your 'prize' and then your s/o hits you with a red shell and you lose the race causing you to lose the entire match. It's also great when you plan a surprise tickle attack causing them to lose the race. :D Sometimes we play other games to determine who gets to pick where we go out to eat, too. But only for fun, if he really wanted to go a certain place, I'd go, and vice versa, but it does make decisions much more fun. :D


Silly things? Of course! Sometimes you HAVE to do something silly, just to get through life! Right now the only recent example that comes to mind is the two of us playing chase through the house with the cat and the Shih Tzu (and until a few years ago DH liked neither cats nor small dogs!).

The best silly thing DH has done recently was to surprise my two sisters and me with sock monkey PJs for Christmas!

P.S. We had our first date 35 years ago this month. We will celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary in May.


Absolutely! Sometimes I worry we do too much silly stuff and not enough serious stuff :)


Once the silly stuff dies, what's the point?

Silly stuff, every day, everywhere.

This morning we were walking through a parking lot holding hands when we came to a speed bump. Without a word, we both slowed to a crawl and took tiny, tiny steps all the way over the speed bump and then resumed regular speed once we were over it. After all, you're supposed to slow down for speed bumps, right?

We've been married twelve years and have a son, but we still enjoy each other's company as much as we did over a decade ago.


Yes. Maybe that's why dispite everything that has happened in nearly 33 years we're still married.

I'll make up songs to sing to her, suggest something silly. I've always told her she stayed with me because it was cheaper than paying for a show.


34 years of marriage and at least a laugh everyday. There are bad days, good days, horrible days, wonderful days...but no days there isn't a goofy giggle from one of us....Ah, wish the kids had our sense of humor but alas I think they're too serious and they think we're just silly.



@pitamuffin: LOL! He bought them online, something he has teased me about since I became an avid Wooter! My family had a Sock Monkey/Star Wars Christmas, totally by accident. In addition to the pajamas, various members received Sock Monkey mittens, earmuffs, hats, scarves, and drinking cups. Male members got tons of Star Wars themed items. You would have thought we'd planned it!


We don't do them often enough. :(


My late husband & I laughed w/and at each other every day. Well, almost every day. We had the same sense of humor...I call it warped. Once I had a stomach ache. Was in the kitchen; grabbed some cookies out of the cookie jar and threw them on the floor. Aghast, he said, "What are you doing? Those were the only cookies left. Me: "Tummy hurts. I just tossed my cookies." He almost fell on the floor laughing. (Actually he picked up the cookies - 5 second rule?)

Humor=Very important to me. :-D


Of course! Though wearing woot shirts is standard in our house.
We regularly make up our own lyrics to old show toons, cartoon themes, popular songs, etc. and sing-song about 25% of what is said in our home. A lot of it is ridiculously sappy/silly things we enjoy about each other, or the dogs, or anything, really.


@thumperchick: Ah, I do the sing-song thing to with a lot of what I say, though he does not, haha. You two must be adorable and fun to listen to, hahaha. :-P


This is a nice reminder that the fun (and funny) stuff is important. Got a good dose over the holidays with the help of nieces and nephews. We introduced them to Fluxx and got collectively obsessed with toast (it's one of the many goals you can win with). No actual toast, but much silliness.


We go to court and pay lawyers to divorce us.

How silly!


My wife and I have adopted a "never grow up" approach to things... silly is the norm, and it's when things sound too serious that we know something is up (bad day at work, stress, important concerns, etc)

being silly keeps you young, and keeps the nonsense in check.