questionsshould prime/freesupersaver shipping be described…


The would be good having prime I generally only look for prime items unless I do not need it quickly. It would be good to see which deals are prime before going to them.


It wouldn't hurt, but it wouldn't help much either. With Amazon, Prime/FSS is usually presumed, and in the rare cases it's not the S&H amount is usually apparent.


An icon or a short acronym like APFS would be appropriate (if it became generally accepted).

I usually do not wan't to have a super long title, so I click on "free shipping" and describe that it is free Amazon Prime shipping, or free shipping on orders over $25 in the description.


@sizzlestick: I like the acronym idea, but I do not at all support your practice of incorrectly advertising free shipping. As @zvwang stated, Prime/FSS is usually presumed, so we can see that the deal is on Amazon and make a pretty safe guess that the free shipping conditions/stipulations will exist.


Prime yes, but Subscribe and Save is no issue since you can place an order for any subscription interval and immediately cancel; still getting the deal on the first shipment.


I post deals from Amazon. Prime is a given if it is sourced by Amazon. No need to say so, though you can in the description. When adding a deal, I usually put "Eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping w/$25 order" in the description.

The free shipping box should never be checked unless the deal is not sourced by Amazon & the vendor actually offers free shipping. IOW Do not check the Free Shipping box if it's Prime or Free Super Saver Shipping. Don't think tags or an icon is needed.


There has been talk of this so much, and I agree with @gmwhit that it is easy to just say it in the description, but some people feel the need to check the free shipping if it is prime (which it isn't! and it's annoying)

BUT, since Woot is owned by Amazon now, this would be nice and easy:
I have put together a really simple scenario that would be pretty nice, in my opinion (even though I think it would be OK without anything, and people would just solve it by themselves)



When adding the deal, have another check box with a small Amazon Prime symbol next to it. This check-box would only appear for deals added with an url
(i know i know, my example doesn't follow this rule :])

example: ...and yes it does have 350 votes before it is even added ...duhh... its a bag of crap! c:

After the deal is added it would look like in the fresh tab

And of course once clicked on it would appear


Lemme just add a small twist on this question. (very small heh)

What if the item is OVER $25? And thus eligible for FSSS?


@drchops: well if that is true, than I personally always check the free shipping box.
('cause it is lol)
and if it was my newly presented situation, then you would just check the prime box, since people know that it is free and prime when over $25 (or you could check both :3 )


@proxgotsthafia: I'm not sure I understand your thought that I incorrectly advertise free shipping. You yourself noted that "we can see that the deal is on Amazon and make a pretty safe guess that the free shipping conditions/stipulations will exist."

Can you explain what you dislike about my method of posting?


@sizzlestick: thanks, but... let's just say I am a little under-aged lol


@sizzlestick: Shipping on a purchase of just the item, by itself, is not free for everyone. Therefore to advertise "free shipping" is to make a false claim. The key part of my comment was that "free shipping conditions/stipulations will exist."
Buying a single $1 item with free shipping is vastly different than buying a $1 item with $24 of ADDITIONAL things in order to receive free shipping.

Now, if the item itself meets the conditions/stipulations on its own (i.e. it costs at least $25), feel free to check the "free shipping" box.

The long and short of it is this:
Don't tell people they can have something shipped at no cost unless you're 100% sure that's true for ALL those people.


@proxgotsthafia: all I got out of that was ...yay someone used "i.e." correctly! :]

I am referring to this thread that I commented on earlier :D