questionsshould i buy a cheap tv on black friday, or what??


@jsimsace: I agree.

@reatardfan: Bestbuy has a 26" Insignia for $99, a 40" Toshiba for $179.99, and a 39" Insignia for a price to be determined. All on Black Friday. Lots of other HDTV deals on


@tbgolladay: thanks! that 40 inch sounds good...i wonder if i'll be able to get it


The 1 hour in stock guarantee at Wal Mart is still tempting me...but the TV might be a POS


Oh wow....all bad reviews on the Emerson. I'm aware that people don't always review unless they are unhappy but I don't need a dud that I have to throw out in a year.


You can get BF ads early here:

If you sign up they will send them to you. I have been getting them for a couple of weeks now. They have an extremely useful shopping list feature. Last year I had an item on my KMart BF Ads shopping list and the price it showed was a good deal lower than what the item rang at the store and when I showed her my printed shopping list the cashier gave me the BF Ads price without any trouble at all even though it wasn't an official store ad.

Oops, I see @tbgolladay beat me to the link, but I'll leave my comment for the info regarding the shopping list.


IMO cheap TVs are just If your not too fussy about picture quality and your willing to replace it not too long after the warranty ends then you might want to give one a try. I'm not saying all the cheap(mostly made by Funai) TVs will die early but I believe you'd have better luck with nothing cheaper than a mid grade TV like Vizio or the cheapest I'd go would be a Toshiba or maybe Toshiba.
If it were me I'd avoid brands like: Sylvania, Westinghouse, Emerson, RCA(most real cheap TVs seem to be big American brands of yesteryear that have sold their name to the highest bidder Chinese company) or any no name type of TVs. Again you might luck out but personally my time is worth more than trying to screw around with junk type of TVs. YMMV


We bought a 32" Vizio Razor LED tv last year for the master bedroom and really like it. It has a very slim profile & footprint and takes up very little space on one of the dressers. Looks like the price has dropped considerably in the last year as well.