questionshow many usb powered "toys" do you have at your…


I don't have any USB powered "toys" but I do have a G13 gamepad and a wired mouse because my computer is really my most expensive "toy".


At work I have one of those fan/light combos I got from an online deal site (I forget which but I loved it until the fan died), and a USB hub that looks like a little robot. I rarely need the hub part, but I love the little robot guy. At Christmas I will need to get something festive!


@belyndag: Target usually has some inexpensive USB light-up decorations for the holidays. If you buy them at the right time (i.e., during the after Christmas clearance when it gets up to 90% off in-store) you can get a few for cheap. I know that doesn't help now but just thought I would mention, as you could plug 5 or so of them into your USB guy and win the office desk decorating contest if you have one. I usually stock up on silver and gold candles during that sale, I now have a closet full of them.


@mrsbeny: I missed their after-Christmas clearance this year, dang it! Somewhere I spotted a set of small Christmas lights that hook around the monitor. THAT'S what I really want! Thanks!


I have the orange Woot! lights, the Hulk Smash button, and a 10 port powered hub to charge everything in the world at once.


I have:

4 different sets of Christmas lights

and enough toys to keep any kid (and some adults) occupied for several hours


I have a Plazma Ball, Missile Launcher, and A mini Basketball game.


I have a mouse plugged into my PC... (got tired of replacing my wireless mouse batteries)


I've got none, but i'd like have one and also a desk would be nice :)

yni yni

My work does not allow USB-devices of ANY kind to be brought into the building.. (security thing)

but at my house I have:

USB Woot Lights
USB Rocket Launcher
USB Fish Ball
USB Panic Button (programmable)
USB Spinning Disco Ball
USB Vinyl Record Player (Not the kind that converts, just plays Vinyls)
USB Sigma Helicopter Charging Cable

probably a few others that I am forgetting. I am at work so I am doing this from memory lol


My workplace doesn't allow usb devices in our computers (security risk). But I suppose I could bring a power adapter to usb to throw my Woot lights up. That could be the signal that i'm busy working, don't come by and chat.