questionsand so, a tribute now, not after they've died.


all these people received plenty of money, accolades, and appreciation while they were alive. Andy Griffith was one of America's most loved actors for decade after decade. BB King is widely respected and has been given countless awards.


@kamikazeken: And, you're right, of course. Don't mean to focus on public personsa. I would like to thank my friends, Rose & Steve for helping me through my grief when my DH died. My family, & his, were remiss. Beyond words.

Rose is still an integral part of my life. I am so grateful!.

My father was a wonderful parent. And friend. I'm sorry he's gone. Miss him after many, many years. Trying to focus on thanking & recognizing those who are still alive.


When I saw the name of the topic, one name came to me immediately: Betty White. I see I'm not alone in appreciating her. I'd also add these people, from a variety of fields: Toni Morrison (her latest book, Home, is lovely). John Lewis, and there aren't many politicians I admire so much. Maya Angelou. Billie Jean King. Stewart Brand, the fellow who created "The Whole Earth Catalog." Roger Ebert, who is teaching me so much about what it means to live with courage & full good humor.

Those are some who came to mind. I'll probably add more later. And thanks so much for a wonderful question.


Dont' mean to preach...or maybe I do to an extent. Please tell those you love how important they are to you when they're alive. Send flowers, presents. Now. TELL them you love them. Each & every time you speak to them. It's important. Necessary.

Done now. Maybe. I'm such a fool about this. It's heartful & needed.


@gertiestn: Thank you! You reminded me of Billie Jean King, and others. There are so many people, I feel, we should be grateful for ... just being.


so credit to betty white but I kind of of feel like her recent resurgence is due to a selling out of her values ... The snickers commercial was funny the idea of her being around again was awesome but some of the stuff she has gotten involved in now is pretty racy ... It’s funny don’t get me wrong I laugh at it but it’s kind of sad to me this grandma like person in my mind resorting to entire television shows of old people talking about/making fun of sex


@djbowman: Errrrmmm Don't know how to say this delicately, but I'm not so sure that she's "selling out her values." You are aware that "grandma like persons" do talk about/make fun of/and (gasp!) have sex, aren't you? A side note: Betty White, as Rose, was often 'racy' on the Golden Girls. And, in roles before that if I remember correctly. That is not to say that those are her OWN feelings/values, just saying the role has been played by her before.

Side note: I'm sorry this question went in the direction of "celebrities" - a tag that a mod added. Not my intention, even if I did mention several deceased & those still alive. Just wanted to impart how important it is to let those YOU love know it while they're still living. Flowers on a casket are not seen by them. Nor is your grief - please tell them how important they are to you while they can see & hear you.