questionsare collapsed deals behaving differently?


good catch. just noticed this as well. incredibly annoying.


I noticed that the other day, figured it was one of the new "enhancements". Personally I liked it better the other way.


wow...just came back from vacay to see all these changes to woot. how confusing.

didn't notice this particular one until you mentioned it...i think i prefer the other way, as well.


I can't believe someone from staff hasn't responded yet. /sarcasm


Hey guys. Thanks for pointing this out. We'll get it fixed up soon.


All better. I'm going to delete this question in a few minutes to avoid any confusion.


@shawnmiller: Wondering why you would delete a valid question?

It won't cause confusion to those who read it. It's clear it was a problem and you fixed it. Thanks for doing that!


@shawnmiller: I notice you changed the subject line and haven't yet deleted the question itself.

May I suggest you leave the question in place so if someone searches for the issue in the next few days they'll -- maybe -- find the question and the answer?

Oh, and thank you for getting it fixed so quickly!