questionsanyone else not receive their "brandini poppers…


Considering that you've been around for a while and have made a number of Woot purchases, I'm sure you're familiar with the Woot FAQ. Just in case you're not, though, here's a link . I think the answers to your question are in there.

TL:DR: Enjoy the yummies whenever they arrive.


I was hoping this would be different since the actual maker of the item shipped it, presumably so it would get here before Christmas.


@defragmeout: I understand the major frustration, and with a third-party seller I too would have expected a quicker out-the-door date. (I think most of us these days know not to buy anything from Woot if a time-certain delivery within, oh, six weeks or so is necessary, alas.)

Since it's a third-party seller, I'd definitely give a try to a return-for-refund, since the worst they can do is refuse. Is the company someone you've done business with before, or who has a decent rep around here?


This is what I bought.
In my confirmation email this item was listed as being shipped directly from the seller and I just assumed this was universal knowledge. Sorry for the confusion.
Anyhow, I'm over it.


@defragmeout: Ahh. Now I understand. Apparently most/all? of the items on wine.woot are shipped by the seller rather than being on-hand in an Amazon warehouse. I had no idea from your initial question what "Brandini Poppers" are, let alone where they'd been purchased from.

(For what it's worth for future reference, it appears that many/most of the Woot-Plus deals are now sent from drop-shippers, which will make me extremely hesitant to ever buy one again.)

I'm sorry your holiday package isn't going to arrive on time; hope you have a good Christmas anyway!


@defragmeout: Sorry for the late delivery. Wine.woot orders do take bit longer to ship. I'm sorry it missed Christmas delivery.

As to keeping them. From what I've heard, there might be nothing better than to drown your sorrows in their deliciousness.

Again, apologies that they didn't make it.