questionsdid you see that "24" is coming back to tv?


Awesome news. Touch was a total disappointment.


If it's only going to be 12 episodes, that means it'll either have to be 2-hour episodes, or they abandon the "in real time" aspect of the series and each one-hour episode will cover two hours of the day.


@gwk1967: Or it could be a 12-hour sequence. Kind of like the 2-hour "Redemption" tv-movie they did a couple years ago.


@djp519: Well, then they'll have to call it "12" :)



Would like all 24 hours but I'll take what I can get. I guess the movie didn't get off the ground.


Boy, Kiefer doesn't look good. Gotta milk that cash cow, though.

24 got progressively worse as the series went on. The last 3 series were really blech.

Did you guys know that Fox tried to create a 24/Die Hard crossover film with Jack Bauer and John McClane?


@gwk1967: or that it will still be realtime, just not be a 24 hour period. I see that as more likely than 2 hour long episodes.


@gwk1967: Well it will still cover 24 hours but it takes him twice as long to get anywhere so they will just not show that part. Him having to use a walker really slows the show down.


@gwk1967: They're only willing to commit to a 12 episode contract to see if viewers really do want 24 back. If so, they'll up it for a full season and on.