questionsi cant find stuff i just purchased in my "stuffs…


Not sure why the purchases aren't showing up, but as for your "1 woot" and the "yellow square", you can try signing out and then logging back in to see if that changes your number. Hope that helps.


I do know that some things on the site take a while to update. Sadly, I had never looked in the "Stuff I bought" until reading your question, so I can't give you a definitive answer. Did you receive an email confirmation for your order? If so, I wouldn't worry about it at all.

I did find this somewhat relevant info on FAQ:
How can I track my order?
Regardless of shipping method, you will get a tracking email once your order ships. You can check your order status on the Stuff You Bought page. Click on the order number to view tracking information for that order. Do not email us the next day asking when your item will ship. Take a breath. Have a cup of coffee. Patience in all things, grasshopper.

Wish I could've been more helpful!


@mamajamerson: yes i received confirmation for all four of them. So does that mean my order is accepted and i can relax?


@dealseekerdude: I have tried signing out and signing in,it still does not change. Anyway is that what truely shows how many things you have purchased?


@jeffeg: Yes, you should be able to relax if you rec'd confirmation emails. It just may take a while for your purchases to show up. Oh, and welcome to the Wonderful World of Woot! :-)


@jeffeg: Yup! The confirmation means you're good to go. I'm sure the stuff tab will update at some point soon. Maybe when the item ships, which won't be long at all based on all of my prior purchases here.


Did you buy from Woot!...or from deals.woot? It makes a difference. ONLY WOOT! purchases are in the "Stuff you bought" because the others were purchased from a linked site, not WOOT!


They should show up in Stuff You Bought almost immediately. If they don't show up after an hour or so, it could be because there was a problem with payment processing (e.g. denied).

Email to find out more info.