questionsdo you have any other faq's/rules to add to this…


A deal may be RIP'd if:
1. The price of the deal is no longer valid
-if the price of an active deal drops even lower, the original should be RIP'd and a new one posted

2. The deal is sold out or no longer available

(You should RIP your own deals if you become aware of the above before the mods do)

A Comment may be removed if:

1. It is insulting or offensive/inappropriate
2. It is considered to be a "flame/troll" post
3. It provides no valuable feedback or experience with the company or deal posted

A Question may be removed if:
1. The same question has been asked recently
2. It is offensive in nature


Wheres my order?

Deals.woot is a deal aggregator & can't track your order. It doesn't sell goods. It's a site to find links to great deals elsewhere on the web. Please email the retailer from where you made your purchase.

If you believe you bought your item from, check your Woot order history in the "my account" link of the .woot site from where you made your purchase. Please check the following list. If unsure where you made your purchase, check them all:


Don't see your order? Post a link to the deals.woot item in question, or email
Most of us answering aren't staff so we can't view your order history.


How do I get a jumbowoot coupon?
Nobody knows. Be active in the community and post quality deals/questions. This site is for adding good deals and saving other people money, not for getting woot coupons. (Although we love our coupons)


A deal must be active to be posted.

My personal favorite.


I can't upvote this enough.

@Jumbowoot we seriously need some sort of official rules page. Please let us help you guys create something official. I know we have this but it's not enough.

A lot of people are starting to get frustrated because their deals are getting deleted, while having no place where it's easy to reference the rules. Frustration continues to build and build, maybe the black/purple triangles will organize and stop posting for a week. I know we would have the power to do it. We are the gears that keep deals.woot moving. If a majority of black/purple triangles stopped posting/commenting/voting for even just 1 day I guarantee you woot would notice that.

Please everyone upvote this question, we need to bring this to woot's attention and make our voices heard.


comments and questions can be removed if they include a link to another product.

@lichme: you might want to clarify #5 to include guns and ammo, not just inappropriate. & #4 to include that deals must list why it is a deal (a price, code, coupon, etc).



Edit to 4. The deal is considerred spam (IE posting multiple deals from the same website)

Unless your @Wootbot


@cowboydann: You forgot to mention the greens and other colors. I think you are a triangle racist! :) Are we about to start an Occupy Woot! movement?


eBay: Must be listings (NO auctions) and from reputable sellers.


I upvoted! wish I could upvote this question more than once. I hope Woot! staff takes a look and form official rules. Thanks Op, good question!


@jsimsace: not triangle racist ;) The fact of the matter is that black and purple triangles are more active than others (obviously, that's why they're black and purple) If they stopped posting I am sure you would notice. And I wasn't trying to start an occupy woot movement (yet).

I just want to let woot-staff know what people are talking about. The lack of rules has been brought up a few times in Woot-Chat and a lot of people have complained about it on deals.woot. The protest isn't even my original idea (even though I would strongly back it). I'm just letting woot know what's been discussed, and it's starting to get to that point with some of us.

I would like to see what woot says about the rules page, and since we've demanded it so many times, it's nice to see we have a thread devoted to creating one.


@cowboydann: Seriously...been there, said that SO many times I'm hoarse. Not worth looking up the bazillion old questions asking/pleading for this. Falls on seemingly deaf ears.

Note: Not talking about staff members who have responded to previous questions about this issue & said they would 'kick' it up. I am certain they do. It's the decision makers who are not listening. Do thank the OP for the research & semblance of order.


Don't forget that deals of an adult sexual/nature will get deleted too. I guess it would fall under appropriate but maybe it could use clarification


@moosezilla: I wasn't aware of a prohibition against posting a link to another deal in a question or comment. Does that appear to be a hard and fast rule? I could swear I've seen it done for good reason and not deleted. ( Hmmm. Maybe we need rules so we'll know that.)

Somewhere I heard about the prohibition against posting weapons, but it doesn't seem to prohibit posting gunsights, knives, et al.

If they don't want to institute rules, perhaps WootStaff would be willing to post "guidelines." Pretty much the same thing as rules, but in a "kinder, gentler world." I would love to also see a posted list of sites from which they won't accept postings. That might be a problem legally if those sites took umbrage, but it would be helpful to know a site is banned before a.) I buy from there or, b.) I put together a deal to post.

Great topic! I've been a black triangle for months but never knew much of this stuff!


How about including:

Don't take it personal if your "deal" is down voted is doesn't spiral into the clouds like you think it should.

Or something to that effect.


@belyndag: toy guns are allowed, gun accessories are allowed, but actual guns and ammo are not. and as for the deal listed in a comment/answer, it is a sometimes rule. since deals.woot makes money off of post they don't want a link they don't make money off of, but sometimes they let them stay.

what about the no mystery item rule? should we post it too?


good idea...'cuz the layman user is going to search for a question about rules before doing anything on deals.woot, much less someone who has been here for years.

this exercise is a lot like scrawling a set of TrEeHoUsE RuLeS on construction paper and tacking them to the wall of your fort. what are you, 7?


Absolutely fantastic idea. This thread will be very useful when we answer newcomers who almost always have the same questions. I'm far too tired to read through right now, but I'll see if I can't add anything. Kudos, @lichme!


@cowboydann: Yet, condoms are allowed. Lubricants are not. And @loubriccant (among others) choses to not come here anymore. I no longer wonder why. (Miss you!) A tiny bit sorry for the digression.


Thought of another one:

A deal can be deleted if it includes a referral link.

Thanks for putting this together, @lichme. Good resource.


@moosezilla: Thanks for the clarification. Regarding the deal link listed in a comment/answer, now that I think of it, the times I've done it I was actually linking directly to a deals.woot posting, not to the site where the item was available, so I guess that would have been acceptable.

And the "no mystery item rule" should definitely be included. Now if only that would make me stop buying those from other sites every time I miss out on a BOC. My house overfloweth!


As the site and Community evolve, so may the rules.


I am pretty sure you need to be pre approved for ebay. I already spoke to woot about this.

Good info either way.


@moosezilla: I had no idea about the no linking to other products in comments! I did that yesterday and went back and checked after seeing this and sure enough it was deleted. I'm so used to doing that on regular woot sites. Is there proper protocol if the product being offered in the deal is readily available elsewhere for cheaper? Post a new deal? Obviously I don't know :)

Thanks @lichme for posting this question - this is a great source of info.


I often use as a price reference for many items. If it's cheaper there, I'll include the link in the comment. Since woot and amazon are one in the same, shouldn't that be allowed? OR, I could just follow the rules and post a new deal...


@lichme: Thanks so much for starting this thread. I've only starting following deals.woot recently and have been hesitant to post much without some kind of guidelines. This should be a great help!


We should also include what is considered for the "Free Shipping" box to be checked.
- Amazon Free Super Saver Shipping: If item alone is $25+, yes, free shipping. If not, no, it's not free shipping.
- Amazon Prime Eligible: No, not free shipping.
- Free site to store pickup: No, not free shipping.
- Digital download: Yes, free shipping.
- In-store only deal: No, not free shipping.
- A printable coupon: No, not free shipping (in my opinion, because you still have to go to a store)
- And obviously if the shipping cost to your door is $0: Yes, free shipping.

As always, try to list shipping costs in description or other details from above. And DO NOT put "FREE" in the title with a price of $0 when shipping is $5.99 or something else.


Should this touch at all on the issue of reputation? We see those questions a lot. I try to avoid asking them but get curious sometimes and look through old questions. (The last couple of days, for example, mine has been dropping like a stone for no discernable reason.) At a minimum we could just suggest that members go to the Leaderboard and look for information there. Obviously we can't explain the "complex formulase and algorithms" used to determine reputation, especially since the Leaderboard clearly states that some of the Woot Staff doesn't even understand, but I suspect some nOObs would want this to address what we can about Reps.


@cowboydann: Thanks. It's one of my pet peeves with postings on this site.


@falcondeal: I was blasted once for not including the shipping cost in the TITLE, although I try to be careful to make it the very first thing I post in the description. Should we, perhaps, suggest a "Best Practices" way of including that information?

Also, there is not currently an option to list a percentage off deal other than in the title (eg., 25% off all items at today only). Can we come up with a suggestion for those posts?

(In my other life, I'm afraid that I'm a bureacrat and have spent much of my career developing policies. Does it show much? LOL!)


@belyndag: I'm answering my own question about reputation here, but @cenglan0 posted this a couple of months ago in response to a question:

Rule of thumb is to:

1. Post great deals. The better the deal, the most up-votes from other users of the site and your reputation will increase.
2. Vote for good deals. If you vote for a deal and others vote for the same deal after you then you can get good rep points. On the other hand, if you vote for crappy deals, that can hurt your reputation because others will not vote for the same deal.
3. Participate in the question/answer forum. Answer questions with good comments and other readers will upvote those comments. Also vote for good questions and vote for good comments.
4. Tattle on some expired deals that others have posted.
5. Stay active on the site.
6. Visit the leaderboard page. It will give you clues on what you can do to increase your reputation.


@linkage89: Oh man, this was before my time at deals.woot. Thanks for posting this. I hope something actually happens this time, a real FAQ would be very nice.


@bbdickso1: Post a new deal if you find it cheaper. Some people will 'steal' your deal if you post it as a reply.


Wow, so glad I found this... We need official rules. Getting tired of my posts getting deleted w/o explanation