questionshow is it possible to down-vote 31 pages of deals…


I think someone does not know what "deal" means...

I have no answer to the actual question.


sometimes the down-votes do not seem to be towards the deal but to the actual poster. Not exactly fair, but we can't control what others do.

I looked at my own voting, and I am not thrilled with the amount the I have down-voted. I will need to pay a little more attention to what I am doing.


I don't think the rule that you have to upvote in order to downvote applies anymore (or it is broken). I know I have been logged out for more than 24 hours and when I log in, it lets me downvote before I upvote.


It's an approximate 24 hour moving window. It isn't just on deals/questions. It's on comments, too. A serial downvoter can go off and upvote random comments on ancient questions, and build up a store of upvotes for using on downvoting. I almost never run out of downvotes, because I like voting up good comments. I'd say probably 2/3 of my activity is reading questions that interest me, and voting up useful/funny comments.

I visit sponsored deals now and again, and vote up comments there, also. I vote up a lot of questions, too, and once in a while, I vote on a deal or two. Mostly I ignore that side, though. I feel like I've done my time over there, and it quit being fun aeons ago.

Personally, I'd just as soon see downvoting disappear. That's just me.


I say take it a step further that any downvote MUST be accompanied by a comment regarding why the downvote was given. Then if enough users downvote that comment it disappears and the downvote is no longer counted. That way complaints of "SPAM!" can be removed by the community.

We know there is a certain vendor who posts two or three deals a day plugging their wares, though "wears" works in this case as well. There is a cadre of wooters who downvote every single one of that vendor's items because they feel the need to act as deal police, or perhaps morality police, fearing innocent children may be hurt by seeing a postage-stamped size picture of a scantily clad woman. (Check your sons' browsers: They're not browsing woot to get their jollies.)

Every downvote should require a comment. If you're going to downvote, tell us if it's because there's a better price, or the quality is poor or the shipping is too high. Anonymous downvoting benefits nobody and hurts legitimate vendors.


sometimes i (and others) use voting as a place marker. most use it just so they can tell where they left off at in the fresh listing. i however for a while was using it to mark the stuff i had tattled because it was expired, and wanted to keep track so i wasn't doing multiple tattles on the same product. i have since stopped tattling so much because i realized that most of the stuff wasn't getting ripped.


I posted a deal (a real deal, I think; it was an Amazon Deal of the Day) just yesterday, and I was astonished to find that it was downvoted within two minutes of being posted. No comment, nothing, just a down vote. I posted a comment about how it had been downvoted even though it had only been up for two minutes; of course, my comment was downvoted.

Do you think this'll earn a downvote?

Woot isn't fun OR useful when people do this kind of thing. I never really learned to play well with others, but I tried.


This got me curious enough to check my stats, since I never have.
For deals: 199 pages of upvotes. 20 (1 and a half pages) of downvotes.
For questions: 148 pages of upvotes. 9 (not quite a page) of downvotes.
I guess I usually ignore that downward-facing button, lol.


@gertiestn: Don't take it personally. I don't think I have never seen a popular deal without a down vote unless it was some charity related deal that only the coldest hearted person could be against - even then I have seen downvotes...


@elforman: I agree with the sentiment, but it is not always practical to comment on every down-vote. Also, I would be curious to see what people would post if they were forced to make a comment. It would deter some, but embolden others to either enter jibberish, something stupid, rude, etc.

I think a better solution (already mentioned) would be to remove down voting. Then, if people want to warn others of a bad deal, they would make a comment if it was important enough to them or if they had something valuable to say. The lack of up-votes and associated "warning" comments would essentially be the same as down-voting.

The inherent problem with voting in general is that it allows people to make a snap judgment without all the facts. That leaves a lot of room for error and for decisions based on emotion, etc. Also, it would not surprise me if some people vote down items for unfair reasons such as because they have no interest in it, don't like the way the listing was worded, etc.


@wnyx585am: Yes, but that snap judgment may be all that people have time for. If there were no downvotes, only comments, and you actually wanted to look over more than one page of deals, it would easily take you three times as long to weed out the crappy products/vendors or not-really-a-deal deals. That ranking makes it much easier to skim through the tons of deals that are posted each day, and without downvoting, the ranking isn't really fully functional.


@ki4rxm: I understand your point, but don't know if I agree with you. If down votes did not exist, but a deal has no upvotes and some comments, that would be enough for me to know if it not much of a deal or a bad deal. I don't see a lot of deals right now that are getting overall negative votes anyway. If anything, people just tend to not vote for something that they don't like. Yes, there are a few cases where items get downvoted by a large margin, but those tend to be the exception.

Overall, I don't think the system is bad as is because the end result is fairly accurate and most deals end up where they should. I just wonder if it might be slightly better if it were structured a little differently. Maybe we don't want to throw out the baby with the bathwater...


@elforman: I don't agree. Then we'd see a bunch of "This deal just sucks" or some similar comments.


@mtm2: Yes, we would be deluged with "this deal sucks" and similarly useless messages. Which is why I said if enough users downvote the downvoter, the original downvoter's vote would be nullified.

I'm just trying to find a way to make downvoters accountable. Saying simply "this deal sucks" or "spam" adds nothing to the conversation. Explaining that the price is too high, or the shipping is too high, or the product is garbage, while negative messages, are at least constructive criticism and therefore useful to shoppers.

I had considered the effect of removing downvotes altogether, but as others have mentioned using up votes only would not provide an indicative score for an deal. Some deals certainly belong to be in the negative numbers. I'd want to know the difference between a deal with 0 votes because it is a terrible deal and another with 0 votes because nobody has bothered to vote it up.


@gertiestn: This also plays into my suggestion. I think the posters whose deals get downvoted deserve to know why they're being downvoted. I've DV'd about one page worth of deals myself and in most instances I've added a comment explaining exactly why I did so.


My favorite is actually when the sponsored deals close in the negatives ... it just goes to show we think / can find a better deal then what you might be paying for


@dmaz: Turns out I'm a lover not a hater .... hmmm

10 total deals ever downvoted and 17 pages of upvoting
14 pages of questions upvoted and 8 questions (not pages) downvoted


@gertiestn: I posted a couple of deals like that and had a DV in less than a minute, it was a great deal too. I went into sneak mode and found out who did it...this guy has his own business and I think he just DV's anything that is a better deal on stuff that he sells, but I think now he just DV's anything I put out, to be a J...A...!

I'm not going to sink to his level, even though I know he has a couple of know who you are!


Like always, look to shrdlu to have the answer. As for myself, I rarely downvote. My voting record is public.


@107bear: Oooh! I would love to know how to go into sneak mode! I mentioned on an earlier question that every deal I post from a particular site gets one (just one) downvote within a minute of being posted, including those that get dozens of upvotes. I suspect that one person has a grudge against the site where the deal originates, and I would love to know why. Has this person had negative experiences with the site that would be helpful for me to know?

This is one of those topics for which I have an opinion, then read an argument that differs and sways me, then another sways me back. I wish I knew the answer, It did make me curious about my own voting history and I found (eek!) 402 pages of upvoted deals and only 2 of downvoted ones. I also had 63 pages of upvoted questions and one short page of downvoted questions. Don't know how to check on comment votes, but I suspect the ratio is similar. Mostly I learned that I'm spending WAY too much time here! 468 pages of votes alone!


@shrdlu: A comment stating downvoting should go away and only 1 down vote at this time bravo!
I would have expected you to attract all the downvoters with a comment like that.


@belyndag: I'm no expert, but just check people's history till you find the one J...A.. that DVs your just takes time! I don't think there is a way to check comment UVs and DVs, still new, so could be wrong.

I'm sure another Wooter! will have the answer though!


@belyndag: We cannot see who votes on comments. Only certain members of staff and the developer team are able to see that. It's for the best, I'm sure.

@caffeine_dude: The downvote on my comment happened right away, amusingly.

I like voting up comments. It costs me nothing. Why not be generous, right?


I'm curious why this really matters to anyone expect the mods. If there are professional downvoters, they would pick it up.

If I like a deal or a company I will vote them up, If I don't think it's a good deal or I don't like the company, I'll vote it down.

Whenever there is an ad from Crocs, hundreds of people down vote it, yet if there is the mention of Dr Who, zombies or bacon, the votes jump through the roof,

We have a community, we like coming here, if there are people that abuse the community, the mods will take care of it.


@mkentosh: The serial Down-voting account in question has been active for 7 months with 3 times as many down votes as up-votes... The rules state that that should not be the case which suggests that either the rules are incorrect/not working or that this account is exempt/protected in spite of the rules that apply to the rest of us...

Hence the question... Still waiting on an official response...
The next step is to start testing the rule...


@hobbitss: I guess sometimes, haters gotta hate. I say email the mods, move on and enjoy the site.


@mkentosh: Well, the only reason I care about downvoting is because, as I mentioned above, since someone seems to be consistently downvoting deals from a site that I buy from, I would like to know if there is a reason that I should be wary of that site.


I maintain my initial feeling that downvoting has added a lot of negativity to Deals.Woot. I have said it since the first day it was implemented, and I maintain that it is still true, even though "negativity" is hardly a quantifiable piece of data...


@hobbitss: What is wrong with @shrdlu: 's answer: "A serial downvoter can go off and upvote random comments on ancient questions, and build up a store of upvotes for using on downvoting."

She is saying:
We can not count comment upvotes or downvotes so the user can up vote old comments with no record to build up a downvoting cache .


@caffeine_dude: Point taken, however I don't think this individual is that devious...


@mkentosh: Tattling on this individual just seems to easy... Hoof and Mouth as well as other illness...
One Tattle and more than one posting disintegrated...


I'm pretty sureI know which member spawned this question and their troll comments always get deleted. But not before being severely downvoted. So I'm wondering if those downvotes to said users comments end up factoring in to their rating. Or does the fact that their comments are continously deleted have a negative effect on their rating. Or is it all negated by deleting the comments?