questionswhy are ebay fees so high?


that's the price of a "free" listing. I have an interesting conversation I had with an Ebay employee a couple of years ago over their fees, and I refuse to sell on their site anymore. I recommend Craigslist or your local classifieds.

And to reduce your fees from the free listings, I was told to use a 3rd party listing tool (by an Ebay employee). I recommend just avoiding them altogether.


They have gotten stupid with the charges. I use to sell stuff and it would cost a couple of bucks a few years back, now it's outrageous. I just got a bill for $27 for selling $100 worth of stuff in one deal. That's over 25% of my money.


Short answer: because they can.

Longer answer: They will continue to ratchet up fees as long as it doesn't drive the regulars away. People like you and me are hardly worth what it costs eBay to maintain our accounts. eBay is trying to evolve from "amateur tat bazaar" to "semipro tat bazaar", and we are considered low-value sellers.


Even with the 20% discount I get from my Top Seller account I regularly pay $700-800/month. It has gotten out of control and will change again next month. I really wish there were viable alternatives to reach such a large market for a more reasonable price.


I just cannot fathom how posting something to their site is worth $40

@mbmanaus 700-800 a month!? How can they justify that!

I also just found out they tacked a fee onto how much I charged for shipping, so my balance is like $1.18 now. $42 to sell a single item. Ridiculous!!!


@mbmanaus: Perhaps become a seller on Amazon? Or is that not a viable market because you'd be forced to compete with Amazon?

I tell people all the time: sellers will list an item for $.99 and charge $15 for shipping. I don't know if it's still this way, but in the past, Ebay did not take a commission on shipping fees. Maybe they leveled it out, but I refused to buy from anyone that put the price of the item onto shipping and the rest onto the item itself.


@promyst: Yeah I just love the new FVF's on shipping. And then have the nerve to pretend as if it'll save you money, like you won't notice. And then blame it on sellers who cheated by charging high shipping, like they can't create an algorithm to stop it.
A yearly increase is one thing, but penalizing sellers for the weight of the item they are selling is nuts! So unless I inherit a ton of feathers, I'm out, it's just too arbitrary.


eBay is starting to make me mad. I sell on there all the time and the fees just keep adding up and adding up. I agree with the craigslist notion, if you can sell it locally then go for it. But some stuff you just have to list on eBay otherwise you wont find anyone else who wants it.


Unless you can create your own website where people compete to get random Baskets of Croutons, I say just donate it to a local organization who'll put it to good use. I get to deduct the value off of my taxes, save the huge amount of time involved in listing, photographing, and shipping said Baskets of Croutons across the country to someone whom I hope will validate my hard work with a "received as decribed" comment and not trash my online rep.


@promyst: I sell medical equipment and eBay is easily my biggest source of sales, especially overseas. I do about $100k a year with around $8500 in fees. It is a tough pill to swallow but has been enough of a win-win relationship that I just can't get away. Medical equipment isn't allowed on Amazon.

The only saving grace of the new fees on total+shipping is that they charge fees on the lowest domestic price, at first I thought I was going to be charged fees on $200+ shipping that comes up fairly frequently.


I used to sell on both eBay and Amazon. Amazon was easier and tended to be a bit cheaper, depending on the dollar amount. If you have the energy to do both, you can reduce your fees by playing the system (somewhat).


As many of you know, eBay "attempted" to reduce fees recently but oddly, it is not working. You offer free shipping, and you get a very small break. Funny thing is you have to include that in overall price on eBay to even get the discount, and as competitive as items are now-a-days, not sure it is all worth it. About the only thing one can do is strive for Power Seller status. With that, you will get 20% discount monthly, but geeze, it is very hard to maintain the way eBay allows feedback, which is another "gripey" issue I for one have with them. Another story though...Just be sure and add in the fees prior to listing and you will be ok. Check their fee schedule and you will find the category. Sigh...eBay and amazon both are killing us small folks with enormous fees...try Amazon if you want a REAL shocker on high fees...Have great day or evening all!


It is bad, one thing you can try and do is sell directly through Paypal. To my understanding you are both fully covered just like via eBay, policies change all the time so it's always a good idea to call and see. One thing I know is you should have a detailed invoice and make tracking available.

Of course it is hard for anyone to find buyers for a Paypal only transaction unless they email you during a listing, or you find them through Ecrater or CL or something.

Then all you have to deal with is the Paypal fee which isn't so bad.

Also some of you may not know this but you can send money for free up to a certain amount each month via Paypal providing it is sent as a "gift". But this would not protect the sender of the money, and does not fall into their protections policy, so if it happened (at your and their thoughtful discretion) you and a buyer or seller were very well familiar and trusted each other completely you could possibly even not have a fee for a transaction.