questionswhich franchise is better, star wars or star trek?


I want to say star wars, but the most recent "movies" make that difficult.


What, you just watched the last episode of The Big Bang Theory? ;)


I am a Star Trek type of person myself. Watched all the first series on Netflix not too long ago. Man I miss the overacting and shaking themselves on random items when their ship gets hit. I thought the newest movie was great and can't wait for the upcoming one!


Star Wars the original trilogy.


I love both immensely, and whenever I see this question, I ask myself, "which gun blows my brains out better, a Glock or a Beretta?", because of the flame wars that usually ensue.

But I will venture out and say that I think Star Wars is the greater franchise. It's got the larger universe and backstory, since it's not constrained by being based on humanity and its past the way Star Trek is. You can see this effect in the Star Wars expanded universe, with games like the Old Republic, which is based 1,000 or more years before the original trilogy. Also, the games were better...X-Wing, Rebel Assault, Jedi Knight, etc.

I can't believe how many Star Trek games eventually disappointed me, though I enjoyed and suffered through them anyway, due to my love of ST.

@okham: Star Trek 1, 3, 5, and 9 & 10 top the number of SW "movies" Lucas made. Plus, I don't dismiss the prequels because I love SW 3.


@nam1123: SW3 had some redeeming qualities, and is the only one that I have seen multiple times. But it still has some bad moments, and doesn't have the nostalgia of IV-VI.


STAR TREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Doctor Who.

Seriously though, I've been a fan of the Star Wars novels since I was in middle school. I read the "Han Solo: The Paradise Snare" and have been sucked in ever since. Amazing storylines, much better than the movies imho.


If by better you mean more profitable, then Star Wars. If by better you mean the one I like more, then Star Wars.