questionsi want to take my 10 year old daughter to…


deals on disney tickets are very rare these days, they don't have any need to discount the tix.

There are deals to be had on packages though, like you can actually buy a day's worth of meals in advance and have reservations so you don't have to wait in line.


We just did the One More Disney Day and we purchased our tickets from ebay. We got 4 - 1 day passes for $150. You do have to be careful about which tickets you purchase, if you are going to purchase from ebay.


This is also a deal they are having right now for residents:

You mentioned you are going in June and the above is only good through June 9th - so hopefully you would be going the first week in June!

We have a deal in FL going on right now for Disney World 3 days-3 parks for $99. You would think they would have the same type of deal. :/


At the last job, I found the best deal through I think your employer has to enroll in it though.


@thunderthighs: Thanks for the tip! My employer is enrolled and their prices aren't too bad! :)

Unfortunately, I'm a resident of Northern California so none of the resident specials apply to me, but I'm very jealous of the Floridians right about now lol