questionshas anybody used aliexpress (similar to amazon…


I've never used it, but I did notice most of the items are coming via China Post Mail, so be aware this is not exactly like Amazon...


Aliexpress is like the knockoff and counterfeit filled version of Amazon Marketplaces.

If you are in the market for cheap no-brand items you should be fine. Any name brand stuff is going to be suspect. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.

I'm not sure if you use PayPal, but I believe they are no longer a payment option on Aliexpress.


I've spent about $400+ worth of bulk merchandise from Aliexpress (shipping big is a royal pain), my profile here if you're interested. I plan on making large purchases again in the coming weeks now that the holidays are over and I would expect my things to come faster. So far about 90% of my transactions turns out good.

Anyways, I looked at the link and it is very consistent with what they sell and the number of ratings they have.

Just be aware that it could take up to 30 (plus three days) for your order to reach your doorstep, in most cases it would be around two weeks (plus three days). Usually a high-paid item (around $80+) would be sent through EMS (it will be stated in which this case is not for free but for an extra fee) which could take around seven days (plus three days days) to reach to you. I'm 100% sure they'll come from China/Hong Kong.

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Aliexpress is essentially the middle-man here. They don't pay the seller until you confirm you received your shipment as described. If it doesn't come in the mail after 30 days I think, you get the refund. But if the item is damaged or wrong, it's either you send it back (on your cost, usually) or they offer you a reimbursement (percentage or full).

I suggest either initiating a chat or send a message to the seller for any concerns or questions that you have. Just keep the chat simple because you know, I'm sure english isn't their first language.

Also, don't fall for any branded items here. It is most likely not legit. Also be careful with electronics such as tablets, computers and memory cards. Always be sure to check with the seller ratings for consistency.

If you plan on buying in bulk, always buy small first to see how they do. Then you can buy big after. You can even ask for samples sometimes.

Yeah, they don't use paypal anymore.


Yes Alibaba is a good site but only for bulk purchasers. Its not retail-pro. And most of the products are from China.


Optional for website from Thailand

Price is $13.99 and buy 7 free 1. Fast shipping by FedEx and no custom fees.

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