questionsdo you visit a chiropractor?


if you do, stay away from any offering homeopathic treatments/cures, they're quacks. Also avoid the ones telling you they will help you with things like depression or weight loss... can't believe they're even allowed to advertise that garbage.


Been going for years, with breaks on and off. I've found them to be more helpful than not, provided you find one who is a good fit. If you're having a specific problem, ask them to give you a time frame, not including maintenance visits. And definitely get referrals, preferably from your health insurance.

I've got a good one now, but there are some cranks out there. Trust your instincts and your comfort level.


@kamikazeken: You mean my chiropractor can't cure my depression while helping me lose weight? Yeah, next you'll be telling me that faith healers can't really cure people's cancer.


@captainsuperdawg, @kamikazeken: Just my personal experience, but my chiropractor has been much more helpful than many MDs I've visited.

Basically, go with what improves your health. But I agree that faith healers are full of it. Now, psychic healers, that's a whole other story...


I used to be at the doctors every month with various infections and viruses... started going to the chiropractor (after a suggestion), and have maybe been to the doctor twice in 8 years.


@okham: I see where you're coming from. Chiropractors can make you feel overall better, which may lead you to exercise more and, therefore, lose weight and possibly feel less depressed. But I don't really think that's what a lot of chiropractors are trying to make you think. Their message seems to be "Come to us, let us pop your back and you'll begin to lose weight and feel good about yourself!" which is just totally stupid.


Yes. I started about 5 years ago before going on a 2-week overseas trip when I realized that I couldn't walk more than about 15 minute without some pretty intense lower back pain.

I went to one that other coworkers had used. He did an xray and found that I have scoliosis. Didn't surprise me because I vaguely remember the doctor telling my mom something about that when I was young. I remember the words "back brace for a year" before freaking out. No back brace then; back pain now.

Anyway, we did decompression which really helped and kept me going for a couple years with periodic alignments.

I've just gone back to decompression because my back was hurting more often than it wasn't. I'm having a rough go of it this time though because I pulled a muscle in my back last week and it's playing heck with my back and hips.

But yes. I never believed in them because my dad, a pharmacists, only believed in MDs. But it works for me. I'd ask for recommendations though.


When I had a sharp pain in my lower back, I went to a chiropractor for a couple of months. This was after some period of medication didn't seem to be doing much help. The sessions consisted of a warm compress, followed by the chiropractor then twisting and pressing my body into place.

After a while, it worked. I've heard the horror stories of people having to go back to the chiropractor for long periods of time, but that was not my experience.

I'm sure there's some proportion of quacks out there, but I had a good experience. If at all possible, get a good referral.


@captainsuperdawg: you'd be surprised at the crap people fall for... just look at who has the naming rights for our arena here in sacramento: "Power Balance Pavillion". Those asshats that sell the power balance bracelets that cure you and give you more energy. Most of us just call it "magic beans arena" these days.


Wow, I guess my answer is based more on my visits and surgeries with an orthopedic physician. My career has caused me lower lumbar and neck problems that were verified by both Xrays and MRIs. After several lumbar injections and therapy, I am beginning to get better. However, my employer disregarded my physicians' diagnoses which lead me into a battle with the workman compensation system. So much for 20 years of being a faithful employee that never filed a claim.


for knowledge sake: i know people who swear by chiropractors and people that cuss them. i have never been myself.

that being said: if you have medical insurance, check with them before you go to one. mine told me that if i were to ever go to one, then i would never be able to claim any other issues with my back, and they wouldn't pay if i tried. also several insurance coverers i checked with said that chiropractors are not covered.

ask. it won't hurt to have knowledge.