questionsis our community awesome or what?


You know the rules. Pics please.

What was your weight/dimensions, so I'll know if he is sending me the same stuff.


It'll be skewed there were things for @agingdragqueen too so..

Also pics when I get home, because I am inside MAH CUBE and took the pics on my phone.. :P


Haha :3 You guys are very welcome (and very awesome). I'm glad to see you guys enjoyed all the crappy crap! I had a lot of fun going through my crap and bagging it up for you guys. A lot of credit should go to those guys in the Turntable Room, they're the one that inspired the whole thing. :) Anyways, Thanks for the Thanks I suppose, and enjoy the crappy crap!

Also @Lichme: Your crap will be completely different. Gideon and I will be shipping all that stuff out on the 21st.


@cowboydann: I meant to thank you by e-mail as well. Thank you very much for mine also!


@cowboydann: Me too! It was quite fun and the album is still occupying prized space on my desk!


Love the monkey. Way to kiss up :)


@cowboydann: thank you so much :) @jumbowoot sent the stuff to me as soon as he got back to Dallas. We're all really thrilled by it.

Thank you, EVERYONE!


Thanks to everyone for making this a great place to expose great deals; ask random questions and simply feel like we can save people some monies in this tumultuous times! Kap Koon Krup!


@jsimsace: haha I seriously don't know how to feel about you sometimes. On occasion you make me rage so hard, but then most other times you make me laugh my ass off. This one was a little bit of both :P


So @cowboydann seriously sent Bags of Crap to Woot??? I think I posted that as a smart*ss joke somewhere a while back....LOL!


@cowboydann: Thanks....I guess. Not sure what part of my reply would make you feel either of those emotions...the comment I made was in response to "Thank you" that was written in....ummm..Taiwanese, I believe. BTW, nice job with the BOC's to the staff. Turnabout is fair play, I've heard. :)


@jsimsace: heh, just the fact that you were so bold as to take the credit for making woot such a great place :P I just thought it was funny.


I can't believe no one said "Or What"


@cowboydann Just wanted to give you some props for taking the initiative. Good job, sir!


@cowboydann: When you said in the woot IRC room that you were sending woot BOC, it was such an odd, unbelievable thing you said I just thought I missed some sort of inside joke, like you were returning something broke.
I did not know you were literally sending woot a BOC. Very awesome!

How do you get inside information like I did?
If anyone feels like joining a real easy firefox plugin is Chatzilla.
If you were in the room before but left because it was quiet well try again. Tried a few times and too quiet? Try after 8 on Wednesday.

Anyways Here's the room info
If you're in Chatzilla you type:
/j #deals.woot
/nick (The nickname you wanna use)

go there,
then where it says username type in your username
then the next line change #rizon to say #Deals.woot instead.
then leave everything blank and connect


@caffeine_dude: Haha yeah, I really did send them my crap :P and thanks for plugging the IRC! I guess you really do get some insider knowledge from that place. Neat!


My sleepy self went home, made dinner, and fell immediately asleep.

HERE ARE THE PICS: - It is a bag! - this is our cubedog who wanted to help with a tiny bit of me to prove I am a very lifelike bot. - this is my loot, let me show you it