questionsdo you tip the waitstaff at sonic?


I don't tip them. But then again - I don't eat at Sonic very often.


I just tell them to keep the change, unless the change includes actual (paper) money. They get a couple of quarters, and I don't have to deal with some coins I didn't want anyway. Win win.


never go there, the food is awful, even by fast food standards


I've only been there once, but I had no idea what to do when I paid. I think I gave them a buck or two. I was just thinking about again it cause they've started opening locations near me and I keep seeing ads on TV.


I rarely do. I figure it's like other fast food restaurants where if your food isn't ready right away they will bring it out to you. However, if the carhop is a friend or the child of a friend, I'll usually at least round my bill up to the nearest dollar or pull out a couple of quarters from my coin bin in the car.


I don't but I don't use the "delivery service". I either go through the drive-thru, or I order at the talkbox and sit out front to eat. I am not one of those people who likes to sit in my car to eat and just hang out. If I am in the car I am driving it. Sonic is a staple when we travel as we don't have to leave the dog in the car, we can bring him up to the talkbox to order and then he can lay by us while we eat at the picnic type tables. He needs a break from the car just as much as we do, but there are few places to eat that are pet friendly.


I have the same situation at Outback Curbside Takeaway. I always pay with a credit card and there is a line for tip. I would gladly park and go inside to get my food but I don't think they want me to do that (because there isn't really a place inside to wait). I usually give $1 but I don't like it. I have eaten at Sonic maybe 3 times and didn't tip (mostly because they have little CC readers right there and I don't think there was a way to add a tip). But, in general, I only tip if I'm in a sit-down place and someone did something for me. Like at Cici's pizza - it is a buffet and if I clear my table myself, there is no waitstaff involved so I don't leave a tip. Sure, they might have to wipe the table off but that is no different than McDonald's.


I always tip the car hops, they are like the waitresses in a restaurant only they have to deal with crappy weather! If you don't want to tip use the drive thru lane that most Sonic's have. Give them a buck or two it won't kill ya.


For me, it depends on how nice they are, or if they get my food to me really quickly, then I might tip, but not the normal 20% that I would give to a waiter/waitress.


Sometimes, but I always feel guilty if I don't. I hate the "everyone deserves a tip" mentality. Tip jars are everywhere!

If they were unusually friendly -- or if I made a particularly difficult order -- I will.


I talked to a car hop there before and asked them about the tipping question. They said that their pay is reduced because it is expected that they will receive tips (at least that is what she told me).

Once I found that out though I just started going through the drive through because I really don't want to tip somebody bringing me fast food.


When I'm on a motorcycle road trip on a hot summer day, I'm always stopping at Sonic for their Happy Hour - half priced ice drinks. I can get a Route 44 ice drink for a buck - and the waiter/waitress gets the other buck.

I've been lucky in life and have retired well, and I admire these kids out hustling. I expect that dollar means more to them than it does to me, and I'd like to brighten their day a bit.


Our Sonic closed recently. The food was not bad - not great - but edible and I didn't get sick! The carhops always got a tip from me because I especially appreciated that they were having to spend all that time on rollerskates.


Okay I'll chime on here. I used to carhop at sonic here in Bristol. I received minimum wage plus tips. I never complained about someone not tipping me but it was always appreciated anyway when they did. On a good night I would take home 10-15/hr in tips in addition to my wages. On a bad night I might only take home 5/hour in tips but I was still making a ton more than any of the kids my age that worked at other places.

I do tip when I eat there, but I only go maybe once or twice a year. Normally a dollar or two especially of its really hot or really cold. :)


I always tip the server between 10-20%. They bring my food to me, usually between 3-5 minutes, then I go home or to work and eat it. I see it as no different than a waiter or waitress in a restaurant.


I don't tip for fast food. Half the reason I go there is to save money. This is nothing personal with their employees. If you haven't noticed, fast food can cost as much as a sit-down restaurant these days at a lot of chains, and Sonic is one. I pretty much stick to McD's dollar menu. But I do think Sonic has the best shakes by far, and for them I go through the drive-thru.