questionsdid you know bags of crap are being delivered to…


Maybe it's just random, but either way, epic observation skills in including lots of stuff that will be very useful for me :) I've already put the sewing kit to use, and stitched up a rip in my pair of comfy scrubs that I have missed bumming around in for the last two months.

Even though she found out that someone was shipping something to my address in the USA, she still sent me something here in Brazil, in addition to her normal exchange. Thanks for making me feel special and a part of the community @baybei! And thanks again to everyone for a great community BoC exchange!


You are very welcome! I am very glad to hear it all arrived safe and sound! I'm glad you enjoyed it all! Those necklaces were given to me in bulk by a customer at my job. He always gives us little goodies. :)

I figured a BoC sent to Brazil would be a nice surprise! Yay! I'm glad I managed to include some things that really worked out for you!


Very cool @baybei, lots of great crapola :3

Sorry I couldn't participate in this guys, If you do it again I'll have to whip up a BOC to send out. Looks like this last one was a huge success from the threads i saw.


@baybei: Nice job. I figured that you of all people would come through with a Bunch Of Crap. :)


That is so awesome! Three cheers for @baybei!

(Shirt.wooters are awesome people!)