questionswhat is the strangest word you've ever seen used…


Not strange or wacky, I just like to mock when someone says "forest-floor".

Never understood "smoky" wines.

"Inky" too...blecch.


@curtisuxor: I can understand "smoky" since some wines are aged in charred oak barrels but I agree that "forest-floor" is funny. I can just picture Robert Parker on his hands and knees in the middle of a forest, licking the ground in order to ensure that his tasting notes are accurate.


My very first wine.woot wine was purchased because of the descriptive terms "pencil lead" and "velvet theater curtain."

I did not especially enjoy that wine, though it was by no means bad. Now that I have a much better understanding of wine and a (slightly) more developed palatte, I'm planning to open the second bottle for another go.


I think "Pencil lead" was the oddest. I did purchase the wine and lo and did indeed have the pencil lead hint.
I'm not sure which one it was right now I could dig through and find out later.


Every time I hear a wine described as "okie" I have to laugh thinking about Haggard singing "Okie from Muskogee."



It was a Humanitas 2007 'Weed Farms' Dry Creek Valley Syrah 3-pack, at least that is where I saw (and purchased) it. It was during a woot-off on July 21, 2011.


Someone once said charcoal which I found amusing. After I tried it though, I agreed. It was the smokiest wine I ever tried and it was so bitter it tasted like charcoal. I hated it, but I had 3 glasses anyway. damn alcoholism!


I remember one wine described as "oaky, smoky, warm and toasty" and I wondered whether it could be used as a substitute for a fireplace. Maybe it would have gone well with the "smoke and leather" one, but I didn't buy it to find out.

"dried cherry and tobacco" - and really addictive!
"coffee, leather, and spice" - obviously an after-dinner drink
"full, fat, thick, and heavy" - couch potato wine?


If anyone wants to offer some wine-writing dares for the writing staff, I'll see if I can sneak a few through, and then you can check wine.woot every day and laugh if you see it. Just don't tell Snapster.


I once heard a comedian say that he drank some wine at a tasting and described it as "crappy, yet free".


@xdavex: looks like the one you went in on was the 2005 Helix Merlot.

I only remembered seeing pencil-lead once but a search for "wine.woot pencil lead" turned up a handful of hits.


@slydon: here's some... antifreeze, castor oil, quicksilver, iridium, slag, cinder block, bengay, pepto-bismol, tyvek, fiberglass, kevlar, plywood, shredded bark mulch, goosegrass, watermelon rind, plantain, sassafras, balsa wood and finally, in honor of the recent wine.woot "abuse" video, lamb's ear