questionsare you interested in joining a boc exchange?


I might be. I've never actually won a BOC, but were I shipping one, I would just fill it with a few random things I have around house. After all, that's the point of a BOC, random crap, no?


What's the best way to ship such a thing? About how much would shipping cost?


@bsmith1: FREE!!!! I just use UPS here at work! ;)

BTW I'm in.


@bsmith1: I think parcel post might be the cheapest or maybe media mail. The Traveling Boxes of Community Crap were a bit pricey (otherwise known as the Awful Offal ). The one I initiated ran about $20, but it was a fairly big box and on the heavy side


A large USPS Flat rate (12" x 12" x 5 1/2" and up to 70 lbs) costs $15.45.

@lavikinga: ::waves:: Those were the good ole days. Ma'am I hope you are staying dry.


I'm in!

To add some information here for those who haven't read through the other posts, those who truly want to participate should email @djohnson64055 at He/she (?) is compiling a list and will distribute "rules" To quote his/her plans, "if you feel you can comply with the rules then you can email name address and username and I will go from there."

So, for now, just send an email to if you are interested.

Now back to battening the hatches for Isaac!


I'm in, starting to gather up my crap now :)


@theoneill555: We've had torrential downpours every darned day for nearly three weeks straight. The lawn is dying from all the water and is rapidly becoming a mud bog, enjoyed WAY too much by two furry beasts of my heart. Yep, those golden early days of Deals. I surely do miss them and those who have moved on to other sandboxes. I surely do.


@lavikinga: Wishing you clean critters and sunny skies (and I am not just saying it because I will be visiting your fine state in a couple of weeks). Sandboxes are meant to be played in :)

vote-for7vote-against sounds like this is a go from the initial response I have received.

I am going to set a drop dead date of 8/31. If you have not emailed me before midnight 9/1 (central same time as woot changes items) at you will not be included in this round.

I will send out the "guidelines" for the BOCs and if you still want to play you can reply to that email with your name, address and username.


Do not use media mail unless you are sending only media. Those packages can be inspected and then sent on postage due. Cheapest depends on size, weight and distance.

To the suggestion box... @djohnson64055

Match addresses that are closer together instead of cross country. Items should arrive faster and not cost as much to send. State lines do not matter, think how a crow flies.

For USPS, if you print a label from paypal or usps websites, delivery confirmation is free for priority and first class and 19 cents for parcel post. It would not add much if anything to the cost to require tracking.


Ohhhh, this is gonna be fun! I so can't wait giggles I suppose I can't send one of my cats though, huh?


@baybei: I will be your partner and send you one of mine. She is currently yowling that she wants to play.


In just sent email. This should be fun as I have enough crap to fill an outhouse!


Over 25 people so far are in...can we make it to 100 by Friday?


@pattiq: I was already thinking tracking be required...

Good thought on using people who are close...I think I will keep them a state or two apart though...hopefully different areas have different crappy stuff... :)

If anyone else has suggestions please post them here and other users can up or down vote them.


@pattiq: Great! Then I'll send you my yowling for food overweight cat! He's a blast, really pretty, but way too fat! And, always crying for food, lol! I'll be nice and keep the psycho Siamese with me, she's too much to handle 95% of the time! She even steals money!


I ship a good number of packages each year due to all my family living in a different time zone than I do. For heavier weight but smaller boxes, I've found that the USPS is the cheapest. For larger boxes, Fed Ex Ground seems to be the cheapest. I don't remember where the break even point is in terms of size/weight but I can see if I can dig up that formula. Or, if it will fit into a USPS flat rate box, particularly if it's more than a few pounds, the flat rate is the way to go.

If I can make a suggestion to the guidelines (based on having to state the rules for the youth group white elephant Christmas gift exchange for many, many years), I would recommend: Nothing alive. Nothing recently deceased. Nothing that's only mostly dead (which is still somewhat alive and, therefore, invalid due to the "nothing alive" rule). Nothing rotting, molding or involving other fungus, spores, molds or things that make me sneeze. Nothing that will get me called into the security office at work.


@gt0163c: So no Cory Doctorow shirt for you, eh?


I'm in! Just sent my email. I'd like to vote right now for the "nothing alive and nothing recently dead" ban.


I am interested.

Just curious, as I've never participated in this. Would the flat rate USPS boxes not work? What kind of crap are we talking about here?


I'm definitely down for this.


I replied in the other thread, but I'm definitely in for this. Spring cleaning has arrived early!(or late)


I would so be in...but everyone would avoid partnering with me like the bubonic plaugue.
"yes, so this is going to Brazil? That will be $74.55 please"


Well I'm obviously IN!!! woopwoopwoop


Maybe we can keep it alive long enough that all of our crap can keep being sent to the next person in line till someone wants it and we become crapless! Just take what you want...add crap...send it on.


@xochiluvr: Definitely wouldn't wear it if I'm flying or if to work...even on a Saturday. I like my job. I don't want to have to find another one.


I'm in. Now I've just got to go sort through the bags of stuff I had to get rid of -- gotta make sure I pick out some good craps.

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Holy cow! Didn't think we'd have this much interest! AWESOME! I like mentioned yesterday, I have a lot of cool random items I can contribute to a round-robin BOC. I've emailed djohnson and count me in!


I am in...just sent my email. This could get good. I have a whole bunch of dookie to share with all of you.


Sounds like fun. I'm in, email sent.


@dmaz: That's too bad, I was checking into international flat rate boxes, the cheapest way would be a small box, but what could that possibly fit? I wish I had the money to pay for the shipping, I'd send one to you just for the fun of it!