questionswhat should i do with my old television?


storing it is fine.

the question sounds like you wanted to dispose of it properly...

also, you never mentioned who "SHE" is.


no harm from storage. Goodwill usually will take working tvs


Craigslist, if you want a little money. Otherwise, put it out for recycle on garbage day... chances are someone will take it.


@jsoko: most communities prohibit disposing of tv's through garbage, and very few communities accept tv's for curbside recycling. However, most communities have at least one or two sponsored e-waste recycling drives per year where you can drop off all used/broken/old electronics and tv's for free.


@kamikazeken: Oh, I guess I take for granted my township and it's recycling program.


If you have any transitional living centers for the homeless where you live, they are always glad to get stuff like TVs, computers, dishes, furniture, etc, either for their residences or for the clients being placed in permanent housing who really don't have anything at all to start out with.


@kamikazeken: "She" is my Mom, sorry thought I said that...
No "goodwill" in town to take a TV.
No homeless shelters in the area.
I need to pay (which is fine) for our dump to take it. (I assume they recycle it, but I should ask).

I guess my question should have been should I upgrade my Mom's TV? She is afraid that I stored it in my attached garage for 14 months.


@caffeine_dude: Well have her try it at least... the storage shouldn't hurt it.


@jsoko: I could give her my TV and store hers for a few months to make sure mine last. The last thing I want is to give her something that dies a week after I giver her old one away.


Older TVs & monitors have no value unless you are gonna hold a garage sale. Then you may get $5 for them.

If you're going to store it, cover it up to keep the dust out of the guts.

Easiest way to get rid of is as mentioned above. Put it out to the curb the night before garbage day. Someone will come and get it. We have people that regularly scour the neighborhoods on garbage day for things they can resell. I usually put a note on it that it works and tape the remote to it. I figure they need the TV or the money, so why not be nice about it.


If you want to get rid of it, list it on Craigslist. There is a "free" subsection of the "for sale" area if you wanna give it away. I'm sure someone is willing to take it off your hands.

If you put it on the curb, you can also post a "curb alert" on craigslist lol to give your neighbors the heads up.


Gut it and use it for storing your items that you want to keep safe and hidden. No one ever thinks to check there, especially if a dummy plug is run to the wall.


I keep 1 old CRT in my house and the only thing it does is play my Nintendo and Super Nintendo. I'm sorry but Super Mario Brothers is not meant to be played on a 55" LCD wide screen TV.


I made a videogame cart/stand with a built in old TV. I have all the old school toys I'm not allowed to have in the house. Nintendo, SNintendo, N64 and that golden tee game woot was selling a few weeks ago... great for when I sit in my garage and drink beers!


Do you have any type of tech or trade schools for the disadvantaged in you area? I'm in San Diego and we've got them here. Donating electronics help with teaching students a trade.


If you are considering giving this TV to your mom, make sure it works first. Storing a CRT for only 14 months shouldn't harm it unless it was subjected to rain, high-humidity, being dropped, hit hard, etc. while in storage. If anything, let her try it out, if she doesn't want it in the end, give it away or put it in the newspaper classifieds.


Donate it to a homeless shelter.