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Hey, don't I know you? I'm pretty sure that you were the hot 50-ish chick that I tried to pick up the last time I was in Florida. It was at Olive Garden...remember? You said that you were allergic to my cologne, but I'm still not buying that excuse. Just because you sneezed doesn't prove anything. Anyway, your question is about tabs....I offered to pay yours that night but you refused...sound familiar yet? As for woot tabs, the DW tab is the only one I care about.


@jsimsace: Blink:Blink Urrrmmmm Not me. But thanks for the thought. Esp. the 50ish comment.

And thanks for answering! Though, I was talking about the Tabs within Deals & ATC. Those mentioned that I never use. Wondered if anyone else had a plausible use for them. Other than staff, that is.

Maybe others misunderstood, too.
Or maybe no one cares.
Or maybe this question has been asked a bazillion times.
Or maybe others are tired of unanswered...ah, well. And so it goes. ;-)


I think it falls into the vacuum (pun intended) of what woot! has become, not what it used to be, way before you showed up. There have been more changes since you joined than I ever saw before and I greatly dislike most of them. BTW, I knew which tabs you spoke of. ;>)


@jsimsace: Ah! The old (Durwood) Kirby vacuum cleaner theory. No wait...not here of all places! It's the Dyson theory. I should have known that. :-/ Also, please accept my apology for not 'getting' the irony of your answer. Of course you knew what I was talking about. :-/

Yes, I'm pretty new here. So many have been around for years and years. Must say I, too, lament the changes to Especially the total lack of changes, improvements, enhancements to deals.woot. Perhaps the last remaining vestige of the old woot. Sad, indeed.

Will now wait for the cheerleaders. And those who are tired of the complainers, such as myself.

Please do note: I'm STILL hoping for some changes on deals. Hoping for the squeaky wheel syndrome to engage? Or maybe I just like to bash my head up against a brick wall. ;-)