questionswhere is the best deal for a ti 83 plus…


I know that Staples has some great deals on different graphing calculators at the beginning of the school year and on Black Friday, but that's a long way from now. I'm gonna go poke around, I'll be back (=


Here are some deals through amazon. The lowest was $75.00. I'm not posting them as deals because I think a lot of them are one ofs.


New on eBay for $85 with free shipping.

There are used ones that are cheaper:

This one is $55 from eCrater, the seller has a 100% feedback rating, which is a good sign.

This one is $60 USED from "American Pawn Exchange", which I've never heard

I'm not sure how reliable that one would be, but it's pretty cheap.

[Edit] There are a good number of used ones on the Amazon link that @emhodew posted, too.


Buy it Now or Best Offer on eBay $79.99 + $7.00 shipping:

The one from @emhodew seems to be the best deal for a new one.


@duckcake: You should post that as a deal. There are more than 10 available.
Good find.


@emhodew: Thanks for the suggestion. Posted