questionsgoogle honors a socialist on easter instead of…


Let me preface this by saying that I'm a christian.

I think Google should have gone with a secular symbol of Easter. That way, they're still acknowledging the holiday while leaving the religious elements out of it. While I'm a christian, I realize that plenty of people aren't, and I respect people's rights to have whatever religious beliefs they want.

In a situation like that, you're never going to make everyone happy, so you have two choices: try to offend the fewest amount of people possible, or express your beliefs openly without worrying about the consequences. This may have been a choice by Google to do the latter.


Google is like a weather vane, they are just trying to avoid to avoid the storm. Please excuse the cryptic phrasing but expressing unpopular opinions gets censored/tattled now. Surprised no one tattled this question.


Google has had only one Easter-themed doodle since 2000. Are you just noticing?

And you're citing Michelle Malkin as a source of your indignation? That would explain why you think Cesar Chavez was a socialist. Unless, of course, you've made the same mistake Malkin did (it's been corrected now) and thought google was referring to Hugo Chavez?

You should do a little research on Cesar Chavez, who based most of his work on his Christian faith.

For many of us who aren't Christian (and evidently for many who are), Chavez is a great choice today.


Speaking as a Christian: please, feel free to take your toys and go home, as seems to be your intent.

People who wish to find trivial or erroneous reasons to be outaged with the world will never run short of source material. Sigh.


Bing did Easter eggs.

The name "Easter" is from pagan beginnings.

Did you know that Easter eggs started as a pagan fertilization rituals honoring the goddess? The same for the Easter rabbit/hare.

So I don't see a problem with either company.


I am going to make a unpopular statement but the truth is labor unions and socialism is in the same corner of politics so the original question is valid even if Cesar Chavez was a devout Christian.


“If you look for the bad in people expecting to find it, you surely will.”

Abraham Lincoln


I thought it was all about reproduction. You know, the Easter-ous cycle.

pause for laughter...


@f00l: You seem to be slightly confused. A socialist is not necessarily a bad person just as a Christian is not necessarily a good person. What is certain is that Christianity does not mix well with politics and the further left you go the more incompatible you get.


No. Not confused. Just tired of blanket categorizations, demonizing by label, outrage over a choice by Google that doesn't matter in the scheme of things, and radical oversimplification.

And FWIW, many Christians do not find liberal or leftist thinking to be at all incompatible with Christianity.

Some conservatives find liberal politics contradict their Christian beliefs, and some leftists and liberals find that conservative politics contradict their Christian beliefs. I agree with neither, but that's beside the point. That debate is centuries old, with centuries more ahead on that topic.

I am fine with Google's choice for today. If someone else disagrees, and wants to use Bing, also fine. The original post seems to me whiny and partisan, not likely to be well received by this community.


I used to live in a socialist country with a state Christian church. The church was failing because the priests were state employees. The church finally separated from the state but by then it was almost to late and the church almost failed. Socialism is worse than persecution because it makes the people apathetic when they take the belief for granted. Socialism is the only political orientation that almost successfully destroyed a belief by incorporating it in to the State.


@magic cave: "Google has had only one Easter-themed doodle since 2000. Are you just noticing?"
Fox told him to notice. When ever I find something blown out of proportion I can find a fox story behind it.

And here it is:


what is funny about cesar chavez is that today's unions aren't anything like what he wanted. He was particularly opposed to unions for government employees.

As for google doodles, they are now just an another annoying internet plea for attention.