questionswhat the heck?! boxofrandomness


Wonder where they are based? Seems kinda strange.


Whois yields nothing much. Since they make absolutely no claim about the minimum value of what they send you, if you receive a 1" pencil stub you'd still have no grounds for complaint or a dispute with your credit/debit card issuer. Really ripe territory for a simple, easy, potentially lucrative scam.

I pass.


Seems like there would be more chatter out there about what people are receiving. One person did post this on their Facebook page:

our box #1 contained 2 plastic balls (approx 2 in in diameter and spikey) a 1/4 inch plastic top, a 1/3 inch plastic camera, and a fish ring about 1/2 inch wide (also plastic)- while i get that this a random grab-bag kinda thing, i didnt expect to get $2 worth of plastic junk...literally

box #2 - was a bit better...2 blu-ray discs (always sunny in philly -season 5, and my name is earl -season 3). this seems a bit more like what i'd expect for a $15 grab bag.

but box 1 was a horrible disappointment.

won't be ordering again based on box 1"


The whole thing kinda screams scam in my opinion. I looked at the Whois as well and no information there, no solid information on who's receiving what, and I love how they say they are an LLC, but there's really no solid info on their company.

Also, on their twitter they are following 1908 people, while 511 follow them. Looks like they just randomly added, or used a "follow" service, which also makes me question them.


Also, here's an interesting tidbit from their Terms and Conditions

You may contact Box of Randomness LLC by filling out the message box located on our 'Contact Us' page. You acknowledge that the provision of customer support is at Box of Randomness LLC's sole discretion, and that we have no obligation to provide you with customer support of any kind. We may provide you with customer support from time to time, at our sole discretion.

Box of Randomness LLC is the seller for a mystery box known as the Box of Randomness or BOR. All items purchased from the Box of Randomness LLC website are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon delivery to the carrier.


In short, this is the reason that "mystery box" deals are not allowed to be posted. By and large they have been a huge scam, and were causing too many headaches for the Deals staff. Perfect example here. Stay far, far away.


Good God. Every single thing about that site screams run far, far away. I can't believe anyone would ever give them money..


I could draw up a site like that pretty quickly. The only thing I can see as a bonus is that you pay via paypal.

I'd rather dig a hole in my back yard and throw $15 in.

Their business plan is simple. 400 people buy a $10 grab bag ($4,000). I'm ignoring shipping as I assume they priced out shipping and handling to = no more than $5 per box. Spend $400 at a dollar store to fulfill 99% of the boxes. Spend $2000 on a couple good items. Profit $1,600.

Total number of BOR is estimated, as they do not state how many must sell, only that if they do not reach that number, all of the orders for that period will be canceled.


I would suggest that it's our old friend Brandon, but I don't think he's smart enough to hide all of his information this well.

Anybody/site that has this as their sole business model is going to provide most people with cheap junk. The reason Woot's crap is slightly better is because they are using it as a loss leader as a part of their larger business model.



They're bragging about 2 out of 400 boxes having a 28 dollar mp3 player...


Maybe it's the BKI guy from deals.woot fame.


@bogie21: They actually do say that they are giving away the following:

@ 10 BOR's sold - iPod Shuffles*

@ 20 BOR's sold - iPod Nano*

@ 30 BOR's sold - iPod Touches*

@ 50 BOR's sold - iPad 3G*

I'm not entirely sure if that's what they're giving away total, or those are the items they'll give away if they reach their sales goal. If they can't outline the details up front, then what makes you think they'll be able to outline the results fairly?

Pass. Mystery boxes that guarantee someone will receive a big ticket item also guarantees that everyone else will receive garbage.


The interesting thing is I found this as one of the flashing advertisements while at Deals.woot.


"If you are unhappy with the outcome of the purchase, buy another Box of Randomness for your chance to receive the next featured high valued item(s)." Haha, they're encouraging us to gamble.


@xdavex: His name is Brandon. That's who I was talking about in my comment above.


@thepenrod: I see that now, dunno how I missed it. Sure sounds familiar though doesn't it?


I have also seen this ad on the right side of DW and wondered how it was talks I suppose.


@capguncowboy: They can claim they gave away the Kohinoor Diamond for all I care; since there's absolutely no way to verify such a claim, the words are worthless.


@jsimsace: As I understand it, the side deals are simply space sold, with Woot having no connection or oversight regarding which ads are placed there by the agencies that buy the usage of the space.

But I could be wrong.


An iPad 3 16GB black is like around $450 (give or take a few, if the iPad is even new) and I'm sure the rest of the money is used on wholesale randomness.

Not sure how much one can profit from this though, unless the iPad was like either stolen or dirt cheap newly used.