questionsrobot chicken or family guy star wars?


Both! Can't ever have enough Star Wars :)


Not the first time FG referenced RC; Seth Green is the common tie.


Robot Chicken... Go for Papa Palpatine!


I'd have to go with RC as well. Between "Bob goldstein and the jedees" and every Admiral Ackbar moment (especially "Big Mistakey?!"), how could you not?


Robot Chicken, easily. Of the two it's the one that's actually funny.


Robot Chicken, I like the Family Guy one, but the Robot Chicken is hysterical.


RC is funnier with it all, but Family Guy basically tells the story while adding a bit of "comedy" in it. I personally like Robot Chicken's better, just because it's always so funny, but if (God forbid) someone isn't too familiar with Star Wars and its story, then they'd probably like the Family Guy version better.


Both, I enjoy each of them equally. They are both good series and have great specials.
Some people don't know this but Chris on FG is voiced by Seth Green. The main guy behind Robot Chicken.


@wickedd365: I did not know that. That make the Seth Green bashing scene in the FG trilogy even better.


Robot Chicken without a doubt. The third Family Guy was horrible and not even horribly funny. However though, they did tell me going in that it would suck so I can't fault them too much.


The scene where the Emperor is going up the escalator, without a doubt the funniest out of all the RBC Star Wars.


I was so going to ask this question tonight! Stop reading my mind!
That's a tough call. They're both good but in different ways. The Robot Chicken one is so random and so funny though.. It just has some classic moments