questionswoot, can we get a new tab?


I think this makes some sense. There have been times I have felt compelled to return to an older listing to make a comment. (Say to describe my experience upon receiving a purchase.) I'm sure no one noticed because no one in their right mind would be lurking around in older listings. Having a mechanism to flag recent activity would help everyone get a more complete historic picture of a deal. This is especially true since one cannot repost an old deal to start a new discussion.


Would a new tab be better, or a "sort by active" option? I go back and forth and I think I might prefer the sort option.


Active tab sounds like a good idea. I have spent many a time going back for a old question,a most popular tab might be a good idea also .


@gatzby: I honestly think a tab would work great.


@gatzby: And just to make sure I'm making myself clear ...I don't mean an 'Active' tab here inside the questions, but outside where all the questions are. So it would bump up the actual active questions. Not bump up new answers.


@iggz: You are being clear. And great idea!


@shawnmiller: Doooooooo it
@jumbowoot: Make him Doooooooo it