questionswhat is the easiest way too see all the questions…


It appears you can't see them all in one place. They're either "Fresh" or "Made Popular" so you have to check both places. Unless I'm missing something, too.

And I still don't understand how these changes are better than the way it was.


I would like to see all the day's questions (and all the day's deals) in one place. This change is one of those “improvements" that sux for the end user.

On stuff like this - that can hardly be part of someone's critical hush-hush biz plan - I wish they would offer an alpha test site and solicit user reaction.

One tweak they ought to make is a sort or at least a timestamp by latest comment posted on either a deal or question.


Don't you love it when a place changes things, and screw it up, and then randomly mess with other stuff, to supposedly fix it? And then they wonder why they lose loyal customers, so they change a bunch of other things, although not what the customers say annoys them. Don't you love that?

No one does.


@pitamuffin: They aren't better. I don't know who keeps fscking with the tabs, but they evidently aren't users of the site. There's no advantage to us in having to check two separate tabs to find a question we remember from last week, and it's a PIA to have to use both tabs to see what's going on today.

More and more we get less and less.


I would also like to see all questions on the same tab. We only get about 10-15 a day, I'd say. No reason we should have to check two different places, and still not be able to see them in order. Chronological order, please!!


I agree with the above posters. Very annoying. I check the site a couple of times a day and it's nice to be able to sort things essentially chronologically to see what's been added since I last was on the site.


Woot, it's only a matter of time before you start getting phone calls like this:


Ah, darlings, everything old is new again. Back when the site was newer, this is how it worked. In fact, since most people never EVER saw the fresh tab, a few of us would often work very hard to push certain questions to the Popular tab because they were so useful.

I never much liked the Top/Current (or whatever they were) tabs, since there was no rhyme nor reason to why anything was on them.

It used to be so startling to be typing a response to something and click on the post comment, and FLASH it'd be gone, right before your eyes. It took a few times before I was smart enough to realize that the item in question had just gone to Popular, and that things were fine. We used to beg for some kind of notification to let new users know that their question had been answered, since we knew they couldn't see it by default. That leads me to something that bothers me MUCH more, though...

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I started browsing, long ago, from my user tab. Recently, they changed the amount of questions visible to 30, which was nice, and I wondered how many less pages that would make it. Whoa!!! I have the math skills, and I was pretty sure that 27 pages was not half of the nearly 200 it had been before.

I can still see back to all the questions I'd asked (or at least it seems like I can).

Oh, how sad I was, to realize it cut off at one year. What's saddest is that any questions I'd commented on, or found useful, and thought would be around for reference, are just gone forever. They must still be in the database, but just not linked to me, any more.

Now I really and truly regret not committing things to paper. (Guide is gone, btw)


I was a naive newbie when the tabs changed to Top & whatever. I voiced my opinion - thought it was useless to users.

Got into a long discussion w/someone on staff named snapster. Said that if these tabs were needed for internal tracking, that was fine. Hide them from the users. Accused him of answering me as staff w/his own needs. He said he WAS viewing it as a customer. We disagreed. Later found out who snapster was. Slightly embarrassed. Still contend I was right.

And they're reverting back. And, guess what? It's still not user-friendly. It has become clear that deals & woot, and all TPTB don't 'get' it. Deals runs on customer usage. If it's not easy to use & no one answers your questions.... Well, people become disenchanted and stop coming to read/answer questions. To add & vote on deals, comments, answers, etc.

Woot has it's problems, too. No search feature; can't find anything. No cart. Not user/customer friendly.

Change, don't explain. Change back. Repeat.


@shrdlu: With most of us oldies gone maybe they though they could change it and get away with it.


Thanks too all for the long perspective.

I wonder that pleasing a dedicated, active, well-behaved and responsive userbase/customerbase isn't seen to have economic value? But I don't work at Woot.


Try this - I'm not sure if it works right:*&sort=mostrecent

I will miss the fresh tab the most. I don't care what other people think are popular. If you come here often, you want to see what's NEW!


@omnichad: Thanks for the link! Nice to see fresh questions in 1 place...all of them. With luck, the REAL user advocate @lichme will add this to his site. ;-)

Question: Does anyone here care when a deal became popular? (Popular deals show the 'when.') I don't care, and think this is probably another example of some kind of internal stats. Useless to users. I could be wrong. Please do tell me why this is something you find important.


I would like to have stuff in one list in chrono order. I would like to glance and see if something is new to me. Popular is relative. Please keep the search stuff. I like finding reference questions later.


@f00l: Who you calling well behaved? You better watch yourself.


@lichme: You amaze me!! Thanks so much! Soon your site will be the ONLY go to place for users to find what they want and need to see.

Now if only you could somehow add a search feature and cart to woot. That would be sublime. No, wait! That would mean that woot would be you. Urggghh! Not possible, of course. Sorry, just dreamin'. Erase that thought. ;-)


@gmwhit: Not to woot, no, but I have thought about adding it to the stalker. A watch list at least where you could monitor a sale, which would be useful for seing all the stuff you want at the same time, looking at expiriation dates of the sale, seeing costs etc. (search already exists by item name). On the to do list for who knows when.


@iggz: Hahah. I read "well behaved" and immediately thought, 'yes, we are a generally well behaved bunch... except iggz.' :D

Woot doesn't want the backlash of just shutting down the DWC community. But slowly driving us off? I could see that.


@thumperchick: I wonder how many people lurk over here at ATC without actually buying much; I know for a fact that if ATC closed down I'd check this site only very infrequently. It just doesn't have enough good deal to draw me any more, and the folks like Tanga who do offer deals I might want are happy to send me an email each day listing their deals.

I really don't need the deals aspect much any more; I'm drawn by the community and stay for the shopping.