questionswhat happened to the deals.woot community?


What happened was too many woot members probably got tired of the unfriendly atmosphere(can you say down votes) and the buggy interface. Amazon is killing dealswoot by letting it self destruct.


@mybestuser1: I agree that who ever runs deals.woot now is just standing back and watching it burn. There have been so many big changes over on the Woot! side that I simply cannot believe the go to excuse that "staffing is tight" or "we're working on it". Every now and then one of the mods will still say they're working on a list of rules too, HA! without good moderation the deals page is nothing but merch accounts peddling their crap and using shills to bring attention to it.

Oh well, I'll stick around until the end. I'm here for the community, not the deals (obviously).


@mybestuser1: The site is owned by amazon now. There is no reason for amazon to allocate resources to deals.woot. Links there often times lead to sites other than amazon. It's a conflict of interests.


I've been thinking I need to find another community as this one has turned into a ghost town. Very sad, this was my go-to place to decompress my brain during the work day. Now I'll have to find someplace else. There's plenty of topical sites, but not too many like this one with such a wide range of discussion. Anybody have any suggestions?


@magicwuff: It's not a conflict of interest if they are making money on it. They have ads on their own website for the same products they sell on other websites. They even make them look like links to their own website (super frustrating).


@moondrake: I've been searching for the same. A wide range of topics where discussions do not turn into flame wars. post it up if you find something plz.


This topic was discussed very thoroughly in this question, but to sum up: Changes at Woot and with Woot sites, lack of moderation, lots of spam, and that zany, fun Woot we all knew and loved is disappearing at an alarming rate. There are still things that keep us going. For instance, Woot sent BOC's to some of the wooters for its birthday recently. Also, they have shipped shirts unordered and sent email to a few. While this is far and few between, it still occurs.
The thing that gets me, and many others, was the exodus of the staff, and now the constant spam on deals. I can deal with other web pages and other changes, but those 2 changes have been the most annoying.
Some of us will try to stick it out; some of us will leave for greener pastures. What deals.woot becomes in the future rests with us and the current/future staff.


@nmchapma: "...A wide range of topics where discussions do not turn into flame wars" ah HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


no1 no1

@nmchapma: Do you have better sites to frequent for deals? I've been on Woot for years but never really explored too much farther


I think the appropriate question is "what happened to"

Seems the quality, variety and obscurity of deals is gone which I believe forced off those who contribute the most to the community


@statictrance: For strictly BROWSING deals I look to but I don't bother to post ever because it seems to be some sort of requirement to be a giant f.wad in the comments. There can be some very good deals on their front page and hot deals forum though and the customized notifications are very useful. But it's not fun or inviting like woot, I don't know of a place similar to n this :°{


I was going to ask the same thing last night but I didn't want to create another "Deals.woot is dead" question. The discussion has died, the sponsored deals are totally ignored now, and 25% of the front page is STILL RIP'd deals -- something I still don't understand.


@snooty2toes: Thanks! I'm more interested in a good forum than a good deals site, though. I need to spend less time shopping, not more (says the lady who bid on a little over 100 auctions on EBay in the past hour and won 23 so far...)


@snooty2toes: I'm not trying to be snarky, but it's been about eight months since you participated here. Why haven't you been around more? Your answer to that question is part of the answer to your own question of why "participation seems to have fallen so much."

If you read back through a few months' of question topics, you'll get a better handle on it; it's been talked nearly to death already. The site's "style" has changed drastically in the last year. Dozens of old timers who were the backbone of a lively, chatty intelligent community have left in the last several months. When the old upper management (including the beloved and missed @jumbowoot) left, the changes became even more evident.

I'm still here because, like @moondrake, I haven't yet found another community where there are multi-topic discussions that don't immediately devolve into R's vs. D's, seriously vulgar/racist/sexist/violent language, and unending, ugly trollery. If I do find one, I'll probably leave, too.


@moondrake: [blink] [blink] 100 auctions? Craft stuff? Elegant little 40's hats? Cat toys? New pieces of Metlox Poppytrail Sculptured Daisy china?


@magic cave: So you are saying it's Obama's fault?



@magic cave: LOL Almost all jewelry stuff. From time to time in the middle of the week I go to EBay, set the search for "free shipping", "price range .01-5.01", "time ending soonest", and then run searches for stuff I want. Today was amethyst, amber, dragon veins agate, banded agate, picasso jasper, night sitara, mother of pearl, carnelian, toggle clasps, and sterling earring wires. All but a couple of bids were $2 or less. I generally get about 1/3rd of what I bid on, today it's running more like 2/3rds. I did pick up a waterproof pouch to take on vacation and some celtic sea salt as I ran out last night.

(If you find someplace to go, make sure to throw us a lifeline)


I had a much more polite answer written out, but then I realized that doesn't quite convey the truth for me at this point.

This has become an unpleasant place to be. Most of it is not any of woot's direct doing.
The mob mentality that name calls and venomously insults people they don't know, who are easy targets for their frustration at the changes.
The flame bating and rude behavior of quite a few of my fellow DWers.
The constant, constant complaining about changes that happened years ago, without any insight into how to evolve the new site into something more palatable.
The amount of times feedback is asked for, by staff, and then nothing comes of it. (For reasons unknown)
The mass merchant self posts of deals that aren't deals, but simply advertising.
The consistently inconsistent moderation of deals, comments, and tags.

The days of friendly competition to find the best price, or great banter while helping someone in ATC are past. Here is not somewhere I feel welcome.


@moondrake: As for somewhere to go, I have yet to find a forum with a comparable standard of conduct. A few of us can be found in DWChat and tonight is chat night, if you're interested in checking it out. Though there's almost always someone there.


@spacezorro: Not at all. I personally blame Millard Fillmore for it. ALL of it.


@moondrake: Since retiring I've tried to avoid eBay except for the things I use regularly and can find inexpensively there. The urge to shop, however, occasionally calls me very strongly, and I am, alas, not possessed of strong will power.

Do you snipe your bids? I learned early on that sniping kept me from the exceedingly dangerous late-night bidding wars. I set a snipe price and then forget the it. I win or I lose, but either way I'm okay.

Before I discovered the wackiness that is Woot and deals.woot, I used to hang out on an old usenet newsgroup, AMOE was created for and inhabited by eBay sellers, but as a buyer I learned a lot and really enjoyed the company of the other regulars. Five years later AOL dropped newsgroup access, and I went a-wandering... and here I've stayed. I'm keeping an eye out, but so far the non-political, relatively troll-free pickings are really slim.


@thumperchick: "Here is not somewhere I feel welcome."

Perhaps here instead? It's a close-knit community with active, ongoing discussions on many topics. There's absolutely no name calling or vicious trolling, very little complaining about past changes and quite a lot of involvement in actually changing things for the better. There's LOTS of feedback from the authorities and a pretty solid set of rules and guidelines for proper conduct. (Can't have anyone casting venomous insults, dontcha know.)

If that community doesn't interest you, perhaps you could share with the rest of us your "insight into how to evolve the new site into something more palatable," bearing in mind, of course, that no one here has the slightest bit of authority, responsibility, or control over the place. Perhaps we could take up our pitchforks, cudgels, and torches and storm the bastions of Castle Woot?


@magic cave: I generally set my proxy bidding price at the maximum I am willing to pay, then go away and come back a few hours later and pay for whatever I won. The only time I raise my cap is when my continued bidding on other items has yielded a combination that makes the first item more useful. For example, I put a $1 bid on this dragon veins agate pendant, then found some DVA and banded agate beads that will complement it nicely at a good price, so I went back and saw I'd been outbid. I increased my bid on the pendant to $2 and ended up getting it for $1.52 . Gorgeous natural stones are hard for me to resist.


@moondrake: I follow much the same bidding strategy: set my highest bid and then just wait it out.

I can understand completely the attraction of colored stones; I have several myself and constantly lust for more. Unfortunately, I have almost no innate creativity or talent for getting from "I love this stone" to "look at what I made from that stone." I occasionally think I should track down an instructor to see if I can at least learn the necessary techniques involved, which would perhaps let me amuse myself by modifying the creations of others. Who knows? Perhaps such practice would uncover at least a small bit of artistry in me.

At any rate, that stone is simply gorgeous; I love the total differentness of its two halves and the way the hole is drilled into a separate little blurp of blue. I wonder if the raw piece was originally selected and polished with that in mind or if it was just happy coincidence. Thank you for the photo!


@magic cave: That answer is case in point. I answered the question honestly. If you disagree, I really don't care at this point. Perhaps spending time with people who do good deeds and practice kindness and humility would benefit you as well.

ETA - As far as my thoughts, I've expressed them to TPTB and the community before.


@thumperchick: I am not surprised by your non-response; the beam in your eye is a large one.


@magic cave: What specifically would you like me to respond to? Your snarky, back biting comment that I should take myself to a nunnery to avoid the real world? The snide remark at the end?
Your specific behavior in this thread, to me, is exactly what I'm talking about. I didn't call out anyone in particular, I commented on an overall trend of crappy behavior here.
"The beam" in my eye isn't naivete, is basic common courtesy to other human beings as a principle.

If you would actually like to have an answer on how to improve DW, then post the question. I'll respond there. This thread didn't ask that, so I'm not going to answer it here.


@thumperchick: Beam = "I had a much more polite answer written out, but then I realized that doesn't quite convey the truth for me at this point."

You said, "The constant, constant complaining about changes that happened years ago, without any insight into how to evolve the new site into something more palatable."

I asked you for your insight into how to do that, given the restraint of having no control over the site. I'm still unsurprised that your response side-steps the question, but I'm not sufficiently interested in your complaints to pursue them beyond this point. Have a nice day.


alright. time to stretch & take a breather, plz.


@thumperchick: The reason you're not feeling so welcome might have something to do with the attitude you've brought to the table. You receive respones like those from @magic cave: because you come to a thread full of polite conversation with an aggressive response that accuses the community of ruining itself (in part). Trolling and name calling have gone on in this forum since it's beginning. It was handled by those that actually do have the power to control it. There will always be people coming in and trying to turn this place into what the rest of the internet already is. The only way to keep it civil is with good attentive moderators. Which we lost in the exodus.

There has definetely been a lot of complaining lately and many of us are unhappy with the way Woot! and deals.woot is changing. Just because they ignore our complaints does that mean we should go away? or should we just pretend to be happy? cont.


or maybe we should all just leave, as the community we've been apart of for so long falls apart. If you have insight as to how to revitalize a dying community or fix woot!'s problems (that doesn't involve any actual help from the staff) then please lay them out.

I think a lot of people forget that those of us involved in ATC are only a small portion of the voting community. Those uninvolved voters that have left have not done so because of name calling or rude post. They've left because the Woot! staff has allowed the deals forum to crumble beneath the feet of mechants, shills, advertising.

For a long time I admired what you, @thumperchick: represented here on, but lately your own attitude has only added to all the things that are wrong with DW.


Please don't make your posts personal against one another. Feel free to gripe about us.



@thunderthighs: Of all my gripes not one is about you.


It must be the heat. Is it the heat? It has to be. @thumperchick: @magic cave: You both are two of my favorite people here at deals. I hate to see you arguing like this. Think of the children.

Mad dogs and Englishmen...


@barnabee: I second that! I have always admired @thumperchick and @magic cave for your intelligent commentary. I started hanging out here in the first place because of the lack of snarkiness, and "welcome everyone" feel. While I welcome spirited discussions where all parties may not agree, things seem to be devolving to a level I do not enjoy.


If someone does find a site like this, I'd like to know also, please.


@magic cave: I was just thinking a little earlier that I need to see if Etsy has a space where I could post a bead tutorial. If not I need to find such a space. Along with the finished jewelry I intend to sell what I call "set-ups" at Worldcon at the end of August. A "set-up" is basically a necklace and earrings kit: a pendant, adequate complimentary beads for a necklace and earrings, a length of nylon coated wire, a toggle clasp, four tube crimps (you only need two but they get lost or crushed easily), two ear wires and two head pins. I need to provide instructions, but it will be too bulky and costly to do it on paper, so I thought loading it onto a website and just providing the link would be the best path. I gave up my domain and private website a long time ago because I was too lazy to keep it up. I could just use a fileshare I suppose, but I'd rather have a nice looking web page. Anyway, I will try to remember to post it here when I build it so you can give it a try.


@moondrake: I agree on the natural minerals but watch out because a lot of the stuff on E-bay is from Asia and there is a lot of fake, altered, colored and treated stuff floating around. Not to mention the made up names of very common minerals sold as different forms of Jade.


@nmchapma: I appreciated your comments. Things got a little over-heated.


@pemberducky and @thunderthighs: Uh, yeah, well, um, anyway, it was kind of ...

Kind of not so cool, actually. Maybe I could blame it on, er, the weather! Yes! Weather! It's the rainy season here, storms every afternoon, totally hot and steamy afterward. And there's a new tropical storm down in the Caribbean. Weather! Everywhere we look there's more weather!

I hope you realize when comments are made about moderation that almost everyone is able to sort out the actors from the actions just fine. You do know that, right? Most of us [note that caveat? I don't want to sound as if I'm speaking for everyone else] figure there's still a little ground-shaking going on, what with the many changes of the last several months. My own theory is that you're working with several folks fewer than you need and Life is one big whack-a-mole task of dealing with ongoing probl.... I mean, opportunities all day long.

Sorry to have added another mole to the whacking list.


@moondrake: "... I'd rather have a nice looking web page..."

That would be lovely, and I'd very much enjoy (and appreciate) being able to poke around it. I know that I've seen a couple of tutorial-oriented PDF files available (for other things) on etsy for a nominal sum. Revenue streams are always nice to have.

Keep me posted, please.


@nmchapma: "For a long time I admired what you, @thumperchick: represented here on, but lately your own attitude has only added to all the things that are wrong with DW."

I guess I am not welcome here anymore. Thank you for making that abundantly clear.


@magic cave: Wow you're REALLY a character, you managed to look up my history and note my last post date yet you seemed to have overlooked the topic or the fact that it said I was diagnosed with a BRAIN TUMOR and going in for freaking BRAIN SURGERY.

Also you seemed to overlook the note in the bottom of this post where I said I was limited to being solely a mobile user for almost a year and as a whole the woot site barely flippin works on mobile, even the couple month old mobile site is not all that great compared to most

I urge you to sign up at slickdeals if your not already, you would fit right in. Have a great day.


@hot72chev: I am only responding to you here in hopes that you opted in for notifications of responses.... I realize you hold @magic caveopinion in high regard but please see my post directly above this.

I do not know @magic cave at all and yet they chose to selectively look through my post history and leave out very available and very relevant details regarding my so called "lack of activity" in order fit the work of fiction they wanted to spin.

I am REVOLTED at @magic cave (who is purportedly not a troll) and I actually would prefer the company of trolls, flamers, spammers, phishers, hackers and even the d.bags from Cobra Kai.


@barnabee: please also see the previous two posts above this


@nmchapma: I saw you in the eBay thread too (what a bum deal) 8 must say you make good points in your posts.


@snooty2toes: I'm sorry I wasn't more clear in my response to you and that it upset you. (No, I didn't look at all at the content of your posts; I was only curious as to how long you'd been away from the site. I'm truly glad you've recovered from your illness.)

The point I was trying to make -- unsuccessfully, obviously, although I was very clear that I wasn't trying to be snarky -- was that people come and go here for lots of reasons, including job changes, family needs, illness, and overall dissatisfaction with the changes here in the last few months. And then I attempted to answer part of your question.

Again, I'm sorry you're upset, but I really think your reaction is a bit over the top, especially in light of my statement that I wasn't trying to be snarky.


I'm so grateful that you felt compelled to let me know what "you think" yet again. Oh holier than thou we shalt all bow to you greater powers of analysis.

I do now know why I will be joining the masses who no longer participate here, one word, three letters.