questionswhere to get the best deal on larger sized photo…


Shutterfly is similar to Snapfish (though I do prefer Shutterfly's photo quality). Alas, most of the online companies seem to have discounts on 4x6 prints much more often than on the larger prints...


I've always gone with Sam's Club. I haven't researched lately, but they were pretty competitive when I did a few year's back.

That's also where we get all our holiday photo cards made.


Hmmm I haven't thought about Costco or Sam's Club I'll check out their pricing. Also I forgot about Shutterfly I've never gotten any prints from them is there anything hugely noticeable between Shutterfly and Snapfish or is it just the quality of paper or something?


@dravack: Yeah, I think most of these places are roughly the same quality; I've had some issues with grainy prints using Snapfish (especially on darker images), but that's just my own experience.


I have had good experience with Winkflash. They run specials all the time and usually have about the cheapest prints around. Quality is not professional, but definitely the same or better than what you would get at Walgreens.

Currently - expiring today - they have 4x6s for $0.06, 5x7s for $0.15, and 8x10s for $0.75 using the code PRINTSTHANKS.

Shipping is about $3 for every 50 prints that you get, or free if your order is over $50. In my experience, it takes about 4 days to print and ship


I have had wonderful experience for them, and here's the trick: Wait for their sweet sweet sweet deals. Befriend them on Facebook, and sign up for their emails (about 3/week). Every now and then, they have a 8x10 sale 10 for $5 with extras around $.50. Their deals always include free shipping (from Hong Kong I think).
And to add to the sweet deals, the print quality is excellent. Shipping takes a week or more, but not as long as people think it would take.
They haven't done their 8x10 sale in a while, so another should be coming soon.