questionsi entered info about 16-channel dvr with 8…


Assuming you actually purchased from and not one of the retailers here at, you can go to this link:

If you do not see it in your order history, you will not receive it.


You can also try contacting and seeing if they can help you.


Woot has a 2 step buying process so it should be easy to know if you purchased it or not. First you enter your info on the buy page and click the gold button on the bottom of that page. After it brings you to a second confirmation page where you have to press a big gold button. If you pressed the big button you should have made the purchase (unless you were unlucky and it had just sold out). Check your e-mail for a confirmation e-mail about the order or the link hackman2007 provided above.

Orders do take a few days to mail out so if you received an order confirmation but have not yet received shipping information do not worry it will be shipped in the next day or 2.