questionsdo you keep all your receipts?


I keep anything large (over $100) that I purchase. In case it goes bad. I especially keep my American express purchased items as I get a 1 year additional extended warranty through them.

But small items or gas, I don't worry about it.


I keep them all. Once they are reconciled with the bank statement, they are filed with said statement for 10 years.

Anal it may be, but I have saved a tremendous amount of money keeping up with them. Warranties require orginal receipts, and so did the IRS when they said my husband failed to file a 1099 on income tax. Based on bank statements and reciepts, they agreed he never recieved money listed on 1099. Well worth it, imho.


I keep them all.
I have one envelope (business size envelope saved from junk mail) for each month of the year. All receipts go into that envelope. At the end of the year, all envelopes get stored with the tax stuff.
The only exception is big ticket, particularly electronics items. Those receipts get stapled to the instruction manuals/warranty information and filed in that section of the file cabinet.


I start by keeping everything, then start weeding out the ones for things I won't need for taxes, and won't possibly return.


80% of my purchases are done online, so those are just a click away. Other than that I like to keep receipts for big purchase items.

I don't keep gas receipts as I get free gas anyways, so no point in keeping.

and because I pay in gift cards to most places I shop at (Lowes for example), having a receipt is not a big deal to me. I get 10% off and use gift card if I have to return it I just bring it back without receipt and it gets put back on a gift card.


I try to keep mine, but I'm finding that that stupid thermal paper everyone uses fades, even if kept in the dark! So I end up with blank pieces of paper.


@mustardsquarepants: I know what you mean about the thermal paper. For the receipts I keep (big-ticket, warrantied items) I make a copy to attach to the manual.

Actually it's more common now that the copy is filed solo in a Receipts folder because there's no paper manual, just an electronic version.


I keep everything except groceries. I keep all income statements, bank statements, larger items, woot purchases, you name it. Oh, not gas either.

I scan everything and keep it in PaperPort. Please note that Woot regularly sells the NeatReciepts system. I've never used it, but it seems to be pretty popular with people that have bought it.