questionswhere did my woot vip deal go?


Provide the link here. You wont' get credit, but some of the rest of us might appreciate the deal.

Edit: Also, I don't have a clue as to your actual question.


Dunno. I voted it up. @jumbowoot, any words of wisdom for us?


If you have noticed, the link to the original question where @snapster said it was okay to post VIP deals... the link in the OP's description is also gone...

Perhaps they no longer allow people to post the VIP deals, but I'd await a response from one of the gods before deciding it's law.


We spent some time looking into and giving this matter some discussion. Please feel free to repost that, and accept our collective apologies.


Thanks @inkycatz I feel honored that I've been the topic of discussion amongst the Deals.Woot Gods.


@brays3440: Thanks! Note: If you click on the link shown, it takes you to today' woot - a camera. You must C&P the link & enter into your browser.


@brays3440: i was expecting the "woot!" to be upside down as "moofi". they also don't have any place to discuss the deal. same as moofi but at least if it's posted on deals.woot by brutherford, comments can go in the deals.woot thread


@brays3440: How are you getting the links to Woot VIP? Is it the "emails from Amazon Partners" that snapster mentioned?
Question asked for @okham and myself.


@okham and @skippykj yes it was through the partners email that I received the deal