questionswho has the better flicks? dc or marvel?


Toss up.
Marvel has alot of enjoyable movies, but DC has some of the better quality ones, but most of theirs are junk.
Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are their 2 standouts.
I will watch both if it's interesting, unlike Green Lantern.


Marvel has the best body of work, but DC has the best individual film in The Dark Knight.


Sorry, I am not on the DC bandwagon. I want my superheroes to have super powers and not just be a vigilante with cool toys. Ironman (he's my exception to the cool toy rule), Thor, Xmen, Spiderman, Blade, Ghost Rider (Nic Cage fan), and Wolverine (only because Ryan Reynolds' 10 mins as DeadPool).


DC has much better animated films and series than Disney/Marvel


In the last 10 years, I think it really boils down to two superheroes going head-to-head: Spider-Man vs. Batman. Both do a great job. Since there are 3 Spider-Man flicks vs. 2 Batman/Dark Knight movies, I'm leaning towards Marvel on this question. But get back to me in a year after Dark Knight Rises is released and my answer may change.


Is this throughout their history, or limited to the revitalization of superhero flicks in the past 10 years or so?

DC has some pretty good older movies, namely the original Superman and the Tim Burton Batman/Batman Returns (and a couple HUGE stinkers, like Batman & Robin and Steel). DC also has some excellent animated films, if those count.

Marvel had pretty much nothing pre-2000... the original Blade, a Punisher movie in the 80's... all of their success has come recently.


I tend to disagree with those DC fans. maybe DC has the longest body of work, but they are still lacking in having that success cross over into the 2000's and beyond, with only a few exceptions. marvel has started kinda late, but so far they hold the records between the two companies concerning the total highest grossing out of their movies. maybe next year I'll change my mind, but for now i'm sticking with marvel.