questionswhat do you think about the officemax/office…


Makes sense on some level, as I never knew the difference between them anyway.


Better they merge than have 1 chain fail, but would rather have more retailers than fewer. These 2 seem carbon copies of each other anyway.


@90mcg112: I knew there was Staples and an Office Something.


Where I live we do not have a Staples so it will reduce competition. Yes I know many things I woudl use at home can be purchased from places like Target or Wal-Mart but it would be bad in my area to not have competetion for these more exclusive types of stores


They weren't the same thing already?


@figgers3036: I litereally thought they were owned by the same parent company too, just different names. Man do I feel dumb.


As @natedogg828 said, we don't even have Staples in our area. Now that I think of it, we no longer have Office Max, either. I guess that means we won't see much difference for now. I guess if they are in danger of closing and this saves one or both chains, it could be a good thing.

Now I'm wondering whether they will be called Office Depot to the Max.


Considering how long it has been since I have seen an Office Max, I thought that they had rebranded themselves Office Depot. Guess it just shows how well each has been able to distinguish themselves in the market place.


I live in a town in the St. Louis Metro East area, and we have Office Max and Office Depot in this town and I don't know the difference between them. Their names are so generic. And neither have the prices that Staples do, but my closest Staples is 63 miles away.

I still do most of my personal office supply shopping at Staples - even at such a drive. Just happen to pass one on the way to visit my parents, and I do several months worth of ink cartridge recycling for rewards and buy something with the previous rewards in the same visit.


@belyndag: since most of us can't tell difference between Office Max and about the combined be called Stapler to continue the confusion :)


There's a few of each around here, and I could never keep which was what straight either. Seems like the merger is just nature taking it's course, heh.

More seriously, it means one less competitor in brick and mortar but since they still have to compete with the internet (and honestly didn't seem to be huge competition to start) I don't see it being that bad. I can't remember the last time I actually went to any of them for something.


@lordebon: typically I don't go to them but when I need something right away it was nice to have the competition in my area


Office Max here in town is useless. I always go to Staples or Office Depot anyway.


I can't stand either. I've had two different awful experiences with Office Depot and will never go back based on their customer service. Office Max is the closest to me, but their store is dirty and disorganized.

The market for this niche of retail is limited anyway, and is mostly focused on small business. When the economy is down, I can only imagine that these places are among the first to struggle.


I'm pretty sure this was rumored a couple years ago to go forward, I'm actually surprised it took this long.

However where I used to live there was one area where there was an Office Max across the parking lot from an Office Depot. Obviously in that situation some people will lose their jobs - although if one chain were to go out of business entirely people would have lost jobs that way, too.


When you combine two businesses with bad customer service and poor management, rarely is the combination any better.


I prefer either over Staples(which only really came to my market a few years ago) but like others I always got the two of them confused, calling OD OM and OM OD.....It will probably stifle competition and I liked that you were able to get different things(and different brands) from each but I guess thats the way it goes, I would not object to the merger it that what it takes to survive.


We have all three chains here in the Atlanta area. I suspect that some stores will close, because you don't need both an Office Depot and Office Max within two blocks of each other.

I really didn't see price competition between the three chains. Office supplies are pretty much the same price no matter which of these three you got them from .

In summary, I would rather they merge than for one to go out of business altogether.


Office Max is the king of bait-and-switch. Office Depot is... well... nothing.

But Staples has never had any redeeming quality IMHO, so if Depot Max kicks their butt, at least the merger will provide some entertainment value.


OfficeMax since the merged increased my contract price by 10% on all items. Then its taking much longer to receive orders. Its use to be the next business day. Now its more than a week. I'm going back to Staples.