questionswhat the difference between a nerd and a geek?


How I've always drawn the line:

Geeks are people that a passionate about a subculture.

Nerds are those that excel at academic studies.

Please note: I still fall under both categories all these years later.


I have heard 2 diffrent deffinitions.

Nerd: Socialy Awkward
Geek: No Social Problems

Nerd: Math & Science
Geek: Technology


A nerd is anti-social and loves Calculus, Science and Straight A's: these are the things nerds are made of. They do enjoy a good calculator joke from time to time (6922251 x 8). Nerds are raw brain power at its finest.

A geek gets pretty solid B minus grades, but can repeat every line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail verbatim. Comic books, Dungeons & Dragons, Sci-Fi, Cosplay: these are things geeks are made of. Geeks may not be as smart as nerds but make up for it with a smattering of social skills and an impressive memory of pop culture facts.


Reading these comments reminded me that it's been many years since I've watched "Revenge of the Nerds". Go Netflix!!


Nerds are socially awkward smart people. It doesn't matter about the subject, as you could have a sports nerd, for example. Geeks are just people who are several steps away from being fanatical about a subject.


A Simpson Example:

nerd: Milhouse Van Houten
geek: Martin Prince or Lisa Simpson

I believe Milhouse once said: "A nerd can count, but a geek can dream."


short answer (and yes I am a geek)...

Nerds = Good at math/build rockets/wear pocket protectors
Geeks = Awesome at everything


Geeks pick their noses...nerds design a machine that does it for them.


@coolphilip04: thanks for correction! i guess i am not good at math.


"geek" used to refer to carnival freaks, like the bearded woman, the guy who drives nails into his face, and bobby the dog boy.


This place is a (4656170.1 / .15)!


Geek= the guy at the freak show who bites heads off chickens
Dork= Whale's penis
Nerd= Stupid or crazy person, came from Dr. Suess...


my husband and I differ on this topic often. seriously, given that we both fall into the nerdy/geeky category in different ways. we both agree that I'm a nerd and he's a geek, at least to some extent.

My thoughts:
nerd: likes "nerdy, geeky" things.
geek: likes "nerdy, geeky" things, has issues when dealing with people.

My husband's thoughts:
nerd: likes "smart" things, is good at school/tests.
geek: likes "nerdy, geeky" things.


Well I could tell you but it's on a nerd to know basis.


@apathynow has the original meanings pretty well covered, but language evolves.

These days:
A Geek is a person with a very strong interest in a very specific area (e.g. Trekkies, Gleeks, or Twihards)
A Nerd is less fully defined, but tends to be interested in broader fields (math, physics, etc.) and is much more likely to be quite intelligent.

Also, I think the meanings cut off at some point. I don't think I would describe Einstein or Feynman as a physics nerd. It would be foolish. Likewise decsribing JK Rowling as a Harry Potter geek would just be silly.