questionscan you give me some advice about today's groupon?


Clarity "I" is the lowest I read, but on an earring is this something that could be an issue?


To me, trying for cheap diamond earrings seems like a crapshoot - it seems hard to get a stone that brings noticeable flair to the ear at a cheap price. I think the clarity doesn't matter for earrings, but from the photos, I think the size is too small.
These look good on my wife. They're not diamond (which I also like; I see no reason to support DeBeers; I'd buy a Canadian diamond or a lifegem though), but their size brings a noticeable sparkle to her ears.



As @darkinc mentioned, the diamonds are listed as clarity I ("included"). From Wikipedia: "Included category (I) diamonds have obvious inclusions that are clearly visible to a trained grader under 10x magnification...[and] are usually visible without magnification or have inclusions that threaten the durability of the stone." Now, I diamonds are frequently used in earrings and even in pendants because they aren't typically seen as closely as, say, an engagement ring, so that isn't a "killer" but something to consider. What I would worry about more is that you aren't given a color, or even a color range, for the stones. With white gold, if the color is too yellow it will be noticeable against the metal even in earrings.


Thanks both for the replies and input.

I was not looking to buy cheap diamonds per say, just trying to find something to use the credit on.