questionswill companies ever learn that wooters know how…


Probably because most consumers are sheep and will believe anything someone tells them so these companies think they can come to woot! and pull their shenanigans without repercussions. Wooters are a different breed though and shills are outed pretty steadily. They'll just never learn.


The problem is we keep telling them how we spot them, so they try something different.


@zuiquan: True.

@caffeine_dude: They haven't tried "We did not post those horrible things. Thank You Amy & Samy" yet, have they? Because that'll be totally believable, y'know ...


I couldn't take it any more. Even though I didn't want to, I was forced to look at the link. I don't even understand how someone can be that stupid. Yes, I used the word stupid. I meant it, too. Come on. Seriously. You made accounts just to make those idiot comments? You think that anyone is going to believe them? My favorite comment (from a real account):

"Note that the two glowing reviews from "annieunt" and "mommywonder" are from users who just signed up yesterday and have never bought anything from woot. (Even better- just noticed this quote from one of them: "We love our XOLO Shoes! Bought them the last sale." I wasn't going to call you a company shill before- I was just suspicious. However, it's pretty clear to me after reading that.)"

I gently point out that I refrained from this comment until I'd had coffee and breakfast. The original would have been "wedited" out of existence.

Also, the xolo web site sucks. Whatever happened to KISS??? Sigh.


Heh, heh. This really amused me on a rainy Sunday. If only we could go o a deals.woot rampage...


I amuse myself by keeping track of the obvious socks, and when I have sufficient data tattling on them, which generally makes their entire site go away.

Shills are usually even easier to spot, bless their hearts. As far as I'm concerned, when they're spotted it's time for Woot to stop dealing with the company completely, especially when the official company response to a complaint is that that's the quality you're gonna get for the price you're paying.


I remember when people thought I was a shill. Those were the days...


Thanks for the info. Passed it on to the buyer. We do invite and welcome company reps on our threads. We feel its something that we offer that other retailers don't. We ask that they identify themselves upfront as reps.

However, we don't approve of shilling with fake accounts and take that seriously.


@lazyzombie: Oh man, that was the worst. I'm sorry zombie :C


@zuiquan: Sheep are the currently cultivated target demographic here. (either by intent or by consequence, it seems to be the case.)
Now if only you "old timers" would just go away, Woot could sell more product.

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I see that they "bought them in the last sale" but have zero woots.

I also love that they posted only 1 minute apart as well. Classic.


Companies will keep shilling for the same reason they will say that they are going through growing pains, it is easier than actually doing anything to improve their product. As long as they have companies that will purchase, then what do they care? All they have to do is throw out some made up bs about selling thousands and only having a few complaints so it must have done something the user had done because it can't be the product. Con artists use the exact same language and these companies should be seen as con artisits and blacklisted.

Making excuses and lying is not good business, providing good customer service is, even if it is a little more expensive. If you are not willing to make the investment, then we know what kind of company you have.


@thunderthighs: Perhaps there needs to be a vendor account created that is tagged with a vendor badge that could be a one time use account for the day of sale. This might prevent companies from creating accounts that might seem to blend in with the community and come across as looking more shady than usual. If vendors want to become regular Wooters, more power to them but for the day of sale, a vendor badge might help them seem more authentic.

(Yes I realize that only the honest vendors will accept this and does not stop the shill accounts, but at least it is something.)