questionsdid you see that nevermore has been reckoned?


I saw that last week. I almost bought one just to boost it's sales. Then I remembered it's not an AA blank so I didn't.


It shall nevermore be in the top 20.

Honestly, I never saw the attraction, but it definitely had legs.


@okham: Last year I was telling my cousin about something I had bought off of woot and she had never heard of the site so I was giving her the details. A few days later she came to my house wearing Nevermore. I asked her if she had never heard of woot, where did she get the shirt, that it was a woot shirt. She looked at the tag and couldn't believe it but yes, it said woot! on the label. She said the doctor she works for gave all his staff one for Christmas. My cousin lives in MD and works in Baltimore at a hospital. With Poe's link to Baltimore, and of course the Baltimore Ravens, the shirt is a big hit in this area. So that's the attraction of it in this area. Otherwise, I'm surprised at how many have sold.


@lmensor: So much clearer now; I am not a sports fan, nor was I aware of the link to Baltimore. Thanks :)


@okham: No problem, I'm good for something every once in awhile! :)

Also, I do admit, I own the shirt, though I have actually never worn it (I actually own a lot of woot shirts I've never worn, I guess I just buy them for the designs). I might actually break it out and wear it tonight!


Finally! That shirt is lame-tastic! "Yeah, I'm rockin' a shirt with a poem on it where all the words are in the shape of something the poem mentions. I SO cool."
I think that shirt's sales were probably 60% bandwagon purchases. "You're not a real wooter until you've bought the raven shirt. C'mon, everybody is doing it."

The Binge, on the other hand, is hella-cool!


5 years is a hell of a run. If the catalog didn't exist, I'm sure there would have been a big push to save it, but alas - it's still around, it's just more expensive now.


Just still having a hard time adjusting to the fact that it won't be there anymore when I go looking for it in the reckoning. Alas, another icon of old school woot has fallen away.


@bluejester: Down the walk of history with Roomba, LeakFrog and now Nevermore. Tis sad but fond memories i have of woot!


Oh, the downvotes! Push your glasses up on your nose and click that downvote button, you Nevermore wearin' nerds! LOL! So much rage. :) I'm only teasing you now. I ain't mad at you.
Sorry I hurt your feelings. Your shirt is very nice. It will be nice to have the open spot on the top 20 for newer shirts though.


The Reckoning

Once upon a midnight dreary.
This old shirt was weak and weary.
Full of holes and stained and worn,
forgotten on the bedroom floor.

While I nodded slowly tapping-
keystrokes, mouse clicks picking wrapping
I heard a voice cry "Here's your package"
Just a bag of crap I'm sure

T'was a shirt all stuffed and crumpled
with a scene of cookies crumbled
Blue and white it beckoned at me,
clashing with my suave decor

I put it on me, white teeth flashing
Smooth and new I looked real dashing
But then the question came to mind
"Will I like it as much or more..."

The raven boldly stares down it's reckoning
Two hundred seventy two weeks standing.
Survivor in the face of branding.
In days that comes to nineteen hundred four

But in the top twenty nevermore.