questionswho do you think is an overrated comedian/comedy…


Jack Black - He makes these weird facial expressions that look scary instead of funny... He also over does it and can't act


Nicholas Cage. Worst actor of any form ever. There is no comedy, drama or anything else from that man.


Kathy Griffin. Wait, no one likes her...


I saw the title of your post and came here to say Jeff Dunham and Sarah Silverman, but you nailed it in your original post.

I'd go with Jim Carrey. He plays every character the same, kooky. It always takes me out of the movie because I can never accept him as whatever character he is playing, he is always just Jim Carrey.

I was going to say Robin Williams for the same reason, but he gets a pass for his performance in World's Best Dad.


I enjoy Jeff Dunham, but you're right, it's pretty lame. It's unique, that's why I like it.

Sarah Silverman looks like a horse, I'm not a fan.

I love Dane Cook though. Maybe that's because I'm a young polo-wearing stereotype...?

I think that Jim Carrey is overrated. As mentioned above, I can never get into his characters.


Jeff Dunham, Jeff Foxworthy, Larry The Cable Guy all make me cringe.

Probably the most awful comedian though is Gallagher. Can you believe he was the highest grossing comedian of the 1980's?


@rustybender: I have to disagree with you on Jim Carrey. her has been in some great not-so-comedy roles in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and I Love you Phillip Morris. They were both great movies and a huge change from his earlier slapstick style.

World's Greatest Dad was an awesome movie!


+1 for Dane Cook. And Jim Carey. And Robin Williams. Williams can act (in his drama roles, at least), but as a comedian? Cringe-inducing.


larry the cable guy - he's just stupid trying to play stupid -


I don't like Vince Vaughn. All he can really do is that really fast rambling thing, which is a little funny, but not good enough to make him the main character for a movie. Also, he can't really act, so he gets my vote.

@rustybender: He may play every character the same, but at least that character was really funny when he first started doing it. I think he may be a bit overrated in the comedy department, but I still laugh hard every time I watch The Mask, so he at least gets some credit in my book.


No one has said Pauley Shore yet?


Seth Rogen. I can only tolerate the guy in small increments.


Jack Nicholson. Plays "himself" the exact same in every movie.


Owen Wilson and Matthew McConaughey too, if they count as "comedy" actors.

I agree on Sarah Silverman.


@atomicorange: i sat through a dane cook standup special a while back just to figure out what all the hype was about and i honestly did not laugh once. what the f**k do people see in him?


Adam Sandler. I'm really surprised no one has said this. He is terrible.


Dane Cook, like many other people seem to and Seth MacFarlene. To me, he just isn't funny anymore. When he does something for a roast, he's alright. But Family Guy has just gone so far downhill in my opinion. Some jokes actually take the smile off my face. (I'm sure I'm getting more and more popular by the sentence). He just doesn't do anything for me at this point.


I hate to do defend Jim Carey, but I am going to mention Truman Show for Jim Carey. Jim did not play "Jim Carey" in the Truman Show.


@caffeine_dude: Yes, and I did enjoy watching "The Majestic". And I liked Robin Williams in "Patch Adams" and "Good Morning Vietnam". They are both capable of playing roles that aren't just slapstick routines. And whoever badmouthed Gallagher - you just don't get it!!!


Michael Scott. His stand-up really stinks. Glad he moved to Boulder.


Carrot Top. Nothing funny there.


Jack Black. There I said it. I avoid movies he's in even if they look funny otherwise.

I definitely agree on Carrot Top, Gallagher, Jeff Foxworthy, Pauly Shore and Larry the Cable Guy. Jim Carrey's comedy stuff is pretty bad too. I saw him in In Living Color and it was funny for one episode. Not so much after that. Even so, I do like his dramatic roles generally.


I'd go for George Bush Jr, tho Palin and Bachman are a close tie for second. They're all just waay too bad, and if they can't be stoned they should be shunned.
I like Sarah Silverman. I do. As long as I have a mute button ...
If you have five drunk rednecks in the bar, and one is kinda funny, that's Dane Cook.
Most of the rest I agree with. Watching them is like going to the freak show. One trick ponies, just a bit lame, dropped at birth kinda thing. That's yet another reason their clubs specify a two drink minimum. If weed ever becomes truly legal you can expect to take a couple bong hits to go with that two drinks. This way you can appreciate their humor, even if you have to wait until you're on the way home.
Robin Williams is a classic genius. He just has a different view of the elephant.


Carrot Top is concentrated AIDS.

How have none of the William's defenders mentioned What Dreams May Come or One Hour Photo? For he and Carey I think it is important to note that they found a sterotype that made them some money, and like any smart person would, used it, but they have both proven several times each that they truly are performers.