questionswall street occupied? anyone following this?


Link isn't working for some reason... Copy & paste does the trick.


Yep. People are mad as hell and they aren't going to take it anymore. We are the 99%! I love it. Our Great Social Experiment continues. Very exciting. Once they get done organizing in my area and set a protest date I plan on attending. I don't agree with everything, but I agree with enough to stand in solidarity with my fellow protesting citizens.

Here is the wiki for those who haven't been following this very important story:

And here are the changes they want made/protesting about:

And here's how to find out where a protest is near you:
Go to Events > area of US > State > City


We're following it closely and expect to participate in local events. Thanks for the various links.


Thanks for the links man. It Is tough to find coverage of this for some reason...

Hopefully work is slow next week because I'd like to head down Thursday and stay for the weekend. Haven't actively participated in anything worthwhile since the DC march for women's lives on 04.


I tried clicking on your link and the site was blocked, a Google search shows the site is infected:


@ohcheri: Weird. Norton says it has 3 counts of "Facebook invitation scam"... Not sure what that refers too, but I'm logged into Facebook and haven't noticed anything unusual.

Click Dreamvelvets links instead to be safe, I guess. They actually provide more information than the one I linked to does.

Does anyone know anything about how norton determines that particular threat? Is it usually indicative of a threat or bad programing when setting up the ability to integrate with Facebook?

The Internet is scary. :(