questionshas activision lost their minds (again)?


I think this is a smart promotion. And I bet it was Mountain Dew and Doritos that placed the offer on the table to Activision. All the had to do was say yes and thank you for the large sum of money that you are giving us.

They kind of did this with the Halo gamer fuel mountain dew. You just didn't earn Double XP with that.


@segafanalways: I guess I just don't care for the "Double XP for those that pay for our sponsors" movement.. for a game that is already going to cost $60 standard or $100 for the Elite, etc.


Not a bad idea. As a marketing student, I think this is freaking brilliant. I won't actually use this, as I rely on my mad skillz to prestige quickly ;)


It's Activision, you act like they haven't been whores for the longest time.


@wickedd365: They have been and are but this kind of promotion has been done before for non greedy companies such as Bungie and Jeep(ok not as greedy). It is Mountain Dew and Doritos that are trying to sell their brand because of the hype of the game. I am sure Activision is making boatloads off the deal just like I am sure they are making tons off the Jeep that has the MW3 "stuff" on it.


@segafanalways: Nothing new. Not any different than a movie launching and chip and soda companies putting it all over their items.

Thor, Ironman, Hulk, Transformers, and MANY more do it and/or have.