questionscan anyone point me to a good radar detector?


If you have an iPhone, I use iRadar... or for Android. Good price since you already have the display, and there's an online community to report speed traps and such. It's made by Cobra too.


Here's the best one you can buy...

But the iPhone one is just as good as the $389 Cobra. Here's all the cobras


@jsoko: I do have an Android phone, so that is looking very tempting. For $300 cheaper I can get one based with my phone, which I have a car charger and a spot to place my phone to use as a display.

@falcondeal: I am to assume that the iPhone one is identical as the Android one?


@nilator: The iPhone and Android iRadars do the exact same things as far as I know... but how they connect to the devices is different I believe. Here's the link for the Android again:

Oh and the model numbers are different...


Pretty much I'd say get the Valentine One or don't waste your money. Car and Driver used to test them, and it always came out on top. They also have a patent on the directional indicator of the threat, so that is a unique feature. It's expensive, but cheaper than a ticket. I drive a big truck, so I don't speed now.

vote-for0vote-against ESCORT PASSPORT any model on this page will outperform anything on the market! I have been a truck-driver for 17 years without 1 ticket for speeding .This is the only brand truck-drivers use. I use the 9500 model.